Annual Vines

 Great for many applications whether you are growing them for foliage or flowers.



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Vines are a fantastic plant to add a little drama to your garden. There are many annual vines that grow quickly enough in Calgary. Use them as screens or as centre pieces for annual planters: to grow up fences or hang in baskets. Vines are great for many applications, whether you grow them for foliage or flowers. Some vines are thought to be just indoor house plants like English and German Ivy, but they do great outdoors during summer and can be brought indoors in fall where they will continue to grow. Experiment. It's the spice of gardening. Remember to have fun. The following is a list of annual vines that will do great in Calgary gardens. If you would like to know more about vines, you can email us at:

Annual Vines Growing Guide

Image Plant Name Latin Name Height Colour Sun / Shade Planting Date Description
ASARINA ASARINA Asarina spp. 7 ft. 2 m pink, purple, red sun Feb. 15-28 Trailing vine with large, trumpet-shaped flowers
BLACK EYED SUSAN VINE BLACK EYED SUSAN VINE Thunbergia alata 3 ft. 1 m orange, yellow sun or part shade April 10-20 Arrow shaped leaves; colourful individually borne flowers with dark centers
CANARY BIRD VINE CANARY BIRD VINE Tropaeolum peregrinum 7 ft. 2 m yellow sun or part shade May 1-10 Annual climber with 5-lobed leaves and cut petaled flowers
CHILEAN GLORY VINE CHILEAN GLORY VINE Eccremocarpus scaber 5-6 ft. 1.5-2 m yellow, orange, red sun Mar. 1-15 Bunches of small tubular blooms
FUCHSIA FUCHSIA Fuchsia hybrida 2 ft. 60 cm red, purple, pink, white part shade to shade Mar. 1-10 Woody shrub with bi-coloured, drooping flowers. Great for hanging baskets
GREATER PERIWINKLE GREATER PERIWINKLE Vinca major 2 ft. 60 cm blue part shade to shade n/a Variegated trailing foliage; available only as seedling
HYACHINTH BEAN HYACHINTH BEAN Dolichos lablab 6 ft. 1.8 m lilac sun Mar. 1-15 Flowers form purple edible pods; twining climber
KENILWORTH IVY KENILWORTH IVY Cymbalaria muralis 2 ft. 60 cm pink part shade to shade Feb. 15-20 Tiny blooms, small foliage, tiny orchid-like flowers; available as seedling only
LICORICE VINE LICORICE VINE Helichrysum petiolatum 3ft. 1m silver foliage sun n/a Attractive lemon, silver/white, silver green, and grey foliage
LOTUS VINE LOTUS VINE Lotus berthelotii 24-30 in. 60-75 cm red sun n/a Trailing, silvery grey foliage, long, thin flowers, good for containers
LOTUS VINE LOTUS VINE Lotus maculata 24-30 in. 60-75 cm yellow sun n/a Trailing, silvery grey foliage, long, thin flowers, good for containers
MOON VINE MOON VINE Ipomoea alba 10 ft. 3 m white sun Mar. 15-30 Large fragrant flowers that open at night; available as seedling only
MORNING GLORY MORNING GLORY Ipomoea purpurea 10 ft. 3 m blue sun Mar. 15-30 Large trumpet-shaped flowers; great for screening
ORANGE TRUMPET ORANGE TRUMPET Pyrostegia venusta 10/20 ft. 305/610 cm orange sun n/a Creeper. Flowers from May to August
PURPLE BELLS PURPLE BELLS Rhodochiton atrosanguineus 3-5 ft. 1-1.5 m. purple sun or part shade Mar. 20-31 Good for hangers, planters; tubular flowers; available as seedling only
PURPLE CLIMBER PURPLE CLIMBER Cobaea scandens 12 ft. 4 m violet sun n/a Bell-shaped flowers with green sepals; great for hanging baskets
SCARLET RUNNER BEAN SCARLET RUNNER BEAN Phaseolus coccineus 7 ft. 2 m. red sun n/a / May 25 Vine has red, flower clusters, edible beans; seeds can be planted directly outdoors
SPANISH FLAG Mina lobata 5-6ft. 1.5-2m. red, orange, yellow sun April 1 Twining climber; 3 flower colors same time
SWEET PEA SWEET PEA Lathyrus odoratus 10 ft. 3 m. pink, white, blue, red, cream, purple sun or part shade n/a / April 20 Old-fashioned favorite with fragrant flowers; seeds can be planted directly outdoors
SWEET POTATO VINE SWEET POTATO VINE Ipomoea batatus 2-3 ft. 60-75 cm. purple foliage sun to part shade n/a Used primarily for hanging baskets and ground cover, grown for colourful foliage

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