Image Plant Name Botanical Name Height / Spread Colour Sun / Shade Planting Date Description
BACOPA BACOPA Satura cordata   white, pink part shade   Low spreading annual, tiny flowers
BIDENS BIDENS Bidens ferulifolia   yellow sun   Compact, bright, longlasting flowers, heat tolerant
BEGONIA,TUBEROUS BEGONIA,TUBEROUS Begonia tuberhybrida   pink, red ,white, orange, yellow shade   Showy, large, double flowers
MILLION BELLS MILLION BELLS Calibrachoa   blue, pink, white sun or shade   Small vividly coloured petunia-like flowers
COLEUS COLEUS Coleus hybridus   various part shade   Grown for its colourful foliage
FUCHSIA FUCHSIA Fuchsia hybrida   red, white, purple part shade   Drooping bi-colored flowers
GERANIUM, IVY GERANIUM, IVY Pelargonium peltatum   red, pink, white sun   Durable plant with divided leaves
IMPATIENS IMPATIENS Impatiens walleriana hybrids   various shade   Single or double varieties
IMPATIENS, NEW GUINEA IMPATIENS, NEW GUINEA New guinea hybrid   various shade   Large flowers on variegated foliage
SCAEVOLA SCAEVOLA Scaevola aemula   blue, pink, white sun or shade   Blue Wonder variety
SUPERTUNIA SUPERTUNIA Petunia hybrida various   various sun or shade   Single & double varieties, grows quickly
SURFINIA PETUNIA SURFINIA PETUNIA Petunia hybrid   various sun or part shade   Heat tolerant single varieties with a long bloom period
TORENIA TORENIA Torenia fournieri compacta   blue part shade   Bright tuberous flowers, does well in baskets, keep moist
VERBENA VERBENA Verbena hybrida   various sun   Trailing foliage with clusters of brightly colored flowers