Our Eco Commitment

Our Eco Commitment

By choosing us you are supporting our eco endeavours and for that, we thank you.

We understand that protecting the environment is important to everyone so here at greengate, we have partnered with some special companies in order to grow sustainability in Calgary.


Some of our initiatives have been difficult, but with the help, we have been able to continue to recycle difficult items like less than desirable dirty plastic plant pots. Last year alone, we kept an estimated 5 metric tonnes of plastic out of landfills. We are exceptionally proud of this since we know of no other garden centre that chooses to take on the costs and man hours necessary to responsibly dispose of plastic. You can do your part to keep plastic plant pots out of our landfills by dropping them off at our centre. We'll take care of the rest.


We recognize that for now, the use of plastic plant pots is pretty much a necessity, but we are working with suppliers in order to come up with better solutions. We see a day where all plants come in bio-degradable pots. We look forward to experimenting with the many types of solutions.


This season you will still be able to purchase at cost, reusable shopping bags. You can also use our greengate plastic or trunk liners since they are now biodegradable. Also, our own cardboard plant trays and day to day paper needs are made of post-consumer recycled content.


Recycling paper and cardboard is not enough, so we have done our best to find uses for other shipping materials. Wooden pallets that have outgrown their usefulness are recycled into wood chips which you may obtain by purchasing Recycled Red Mulch right here at our store.


The use of weed and feed products are about to be banned in Alberta. We chose to discontinue selling granular weed and feed almost a decade ago, so now have eco-options available for you.

These are just some examples of how greengate is doing its best to reduce its footprint. By choosing us, you are supporting these eco endeavours, and for that we thank you.