Landscaping Mulches & Bark

5 Tips For Using Mulches and Barks in Your Yard

Mulch Suppresses Weeds

A generous layer of mulch will shade the soil and deprive weed seeds of the sunlight needed to germinate and grow. Covering the soil also prevents seeds dropped by birds or wind from coming in contact with the soil surface and taking hold.

Mulching Conserves Soil Moisture

Mulching helps retain soil moisture by shielding the soil surface from the moisture sapping effects of heat, sun, and wind. Reducing evaporation offers more consistent moisture levels for the plants improving overall health. Some mulch, such as leaf mold absorb and hold moisture much better than bare soil.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Mulching the surface of the soil protects it from the eroding effects of wind and rain. The mulch softens the impact of rain and helps prevent the soil from washing away. Covering the soil also shields it from wind blowing the soil particles away.

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