Image Plant Name Botanical Name Height / Spread Flower Colour Bloom Fragrance Description

Explorer Roses

ALEXANDER MCKENZIE ALEXANDER MCKENZIE 6/5 ft. 1.7/1.5 m dark reddish pink medium double strong Tall, continually blooming, fragrant rose
CHAMPLAIN CHAMPLAIN 4/3 ft. 1.25/1 m bright red medium double medium Double flowers are continually produced throughout the summer
CHARLES ALBANEL CHARLES ALBANEL 2/2 ft. .6/.6 m pink small single medium Low growing rose, recurring flowers through summer; good ground cover, disease resistant
DAVID THOMPSON DAVID THOMPSON 3/1.5 ft. 1/.75 m pink medium double strong Continual double flowers; compact, shrub-like growth habit
DE MONTARVILLE DE MONTARVILLE 3/3 ft. 1/1 m medium pink medium semi-double medium Continual bloom. Flowers average 7 cm in clusters of 1-4
FRONTENAC 3/3 ft. 1/1 m deep pink large double light Clusters of double flowers through entire season, disease resistant
GEORGE VANCOUVER GEORGE VANCOUVER 3/3 ft. 1/1 m soft red medium double light Clusters of double flowers through entire season
HENRY HUDSON HENRY HUDSON 2/2 ft. .6/.6 m pink-white medium semi-double light Pink buds open into clusters of white flowers, continuing through the summer
HENRY KELSEY HENRY KELSEY 7/5 ft. 2/1.5 m scarlet red medium semi-double medium Long, vigorous, arching stems; flower clusters form throughout the summer
J.P. CONNELL J.P. CONNELL 4/4 ft. 1.2/1.2 m yellow-cream medium double light Yellow flowers fade to cream; flowers re-bloom though out the season
JENS MUNK JENS MUNK 5/4 ft. 1.5/1.2 m pink medium double strong Continual fragrant double blooms all season
JOHN CABOT JOHN CABOT 7/5 ft. 2/1.5 m pink medium double strong Tall arching stems topped with continual clusters of fragrant roses; can be trained to climb
JOHN DAVIS JOHN DAVIS 7/5 ft. 2/1.5 m pink medium double strong Tall arching stems topped with continual fragrant roses; can be trained to climb, disease resistant
JOHN FRANKLIN JOHN FRANKLIN 4/2 ft. .8/.75 m red medium double medium Compact plant with large clusters of continual bloom through out the summer
LAMBERT CLOSSE LAMBERT CLOSSE 3/3 ft. .75/.75 m light pink small double strong Fragrant flowers with a classic hybrid tea rose form from June to September
LOUIS JOLLIET LOUIS JOLLIET 4/2 ft. 1.2/.6 m pink medium double medium Continual blooms; spicy fragrance; can be trained as climber, disease resistant
MARTIN FROBISHER MARTIN FROBISHER 5/3 ft. 1.5/1 m light pink medium double strong Very fragrant double blooms through out the summer
QUADRA QUADRA 6/4 ft. 1.8/1.2 m deep red double medium Suitable for climbing. Highly fragrant. Blooms late June through summerdesc
ROYAL EDWARD ROYAL EDWARD 1.5/3 ft. 1/1 m dark pink medium semi-double medium Small plant with low growth habit; blooms repeatedly though the season, disease resistant
SAMUEL HOLLAND SAMUEL HOLLAND 6/5 ft. 2/1.5 m fuchsia pink medium double medium Upright growth habit with arching branches topped with clusters of re-blooming red flowers
SIMON FRASER SIMON FRASER 2/2 ft. .6/.6 m coral pink medium semi-double medium Low growing rose with single flowers becoming semi-double through the season
WILLIAM BAFFIN WILLIAM BAFFIN 7/3 ft. 2/1 m pink medium semi-double light Tall arching rose, showy early summer blooms repeated through summer; can be trained to climb, disease resistantdesc
WILLIAM BOOTH 5/6 ft. 1.5/1.7 m pink medium single   Unique trailing habit with repeat bloom from June to Sept. Disease and mildew resistantsc

Parkland Roses

ADELAIDE HOODLESS ADELAIDE HOODLESS 4/4 ft. 1.2/1.2 m red medium semi-double light Bright red continuous flowers borne singly, disease resistant
CUTHBERT GRANT CUTHBERT GRANT 4/3 ft. 1.2/.75 m deep purplish red large double light Recurring bloomer with very large, crimson, double flowers
HOPE FOR HUMANITY HOPE FOR HUMANITY 3/3 ft. 1/1 m deep wine red medium double light Low, compact rose; wine-red continuous blooms
MORDEN AMORETTE 2/2 ft. .6/.6 m carmine rose medium double medium Compact bushy shrub. Blooms from spring till frost
MORDEN BLUSH 3/3 ft. 1/1 m light pink small double medium Very long blooming hybrid tea type flowers, low growing; light pink flowers fade to ivory, disease resistant
MORDEN CARDINETTE MORDEN CARDINETTE 2/2 ft. 1.6/1.6 m cardinal red medium double light Low compact shrub. Striking red blooms all season
MORDEN CENTENNIAL MORDEN CENTENNIAL 3/3 ft. 1/1 m pink medium double medium Clusters of bright pink flowers; recurrent blooms through the summer, disease resistant
MORDEN FIREGLOW MORDEN FIREGLOW 2/2 ft. .6/.6 m orange red medium double light Brilliant flower colour; recurrent blooms through the summer
MORDEN RUBY MORDEN RUBY 3/3 ft. 1/1 m ruby red - lighter markings medium double light Clusters of blended pink flowers
MORDEN SNOWBEAUTY MORDEN SNOWBEAUTY 2.5/3 ft. .75/1 m white medium semi-double light Low growing shrub. High disease resistance
MORDEN SUNRISE MORDEN SUNRISE 3/3 ft. 1/1 m yellow/orange small semi-double light Uniquely coloured, continuous blooms
WINNIPEG PARKS WINNIPEG PARKS 2/2 ft. .6/.6 m deep pink medium double light Hardy, low growing rose with clusters of bright red continuous flowers

Other hardy shrub roses

AUSTRIAN COPPER AUSTRIAN COPPER 7/5 ft. 2/1.5 m orange medium single strong Tall upright growth habit with unique orange flowers, yellow underneath, blooms in June
BLANC DE COUBERT BLANC DE COUBERT 5/5 ft. 1.5/1.5 m white medium double strong Fragrant white, continually blooming flowers, disease resistant
F.J. GROOTENDORST F.J. GROOTENDORST 4/3 ft. 1.3/1 m red small double light Carnation-like, recurrent red flowers over leathery dark green foliage, disease resistant
HANSA HANSA 5/5 ft. 1.5/1.5 m reddish purple medium double strong Hardy, vigorous, fragrant rose with recurrent reddish-purple blooms, disease resistant
HUNTER HUNTER 5/3 ft. 1.5/1 m crimson large double light Repeat blooms. Will tolerate some shade
PERSIAN YELLOW PERSIAN YELLOW 6/5 ft. 2/1.5 m yellow medium double strong Tall vigorous rose with deep yellow flowers; long lasting blooms in June
PINK GROOTENDORST PINK GROOTENDORST 4/3 ft. 1.25/1 m pink small double light Continual blooming, carnation-like, double pink flowers, disease resistant
PRAIRIE DAWN PRAIRIE DAWN 5/3 ft. 1.5/1 m pink small double light Double continual blooms on large upright shrub
PRAIRIE JOY PRAIRIE JOY 4/4 ft. 1.25/1.25 m pink small double medium Dense foliage make this plant ideal for hedging or screening, flowers mostly in June
RED LEAF RED LEAF 5/4 ft. 1.5/1.25 m pink small single medium Attractive reddish-purple foliage on reddish stems, pink summer flowers with a white eye
SIR THOMAS LIPTON SIR THOMAS LIPTON 7/4 ft. 2/1.25 m white large semi-double strong Tall vigorous growth habit with pure white, large fragrant flowers in spring
THERESA BUGNET THERESA BUGNET 6/5 ft. 1.75/1.5 m pink large double medium Repeat blooming on old wood, disease resistant foliage turns red in the fall
TOPAZ JEWEL TOPAZ JEWEL 5/3 ft. 1.5/1 m yellow medium double medium Cream yellow flowers bloom continually through out the summer, disease resistant