Damaged Tree Repair Reccomendations

Damaged Tree Repair Reccomendations:

When the  summer snow storm causes seemingly irreparable damage to our many of our customers’  beloved trees.

Some of us have invested nearly a lifetime of time and energy into maintaining and caring for them. Regardless of how great the damage is, most trees may heal just fine. They are tougher than we think. Here are some suggestions to save your existing trees if removal and replacement is not an option.

If possible, before all else, remove any remaining snow from low hanging branches. Simply shake them off. Doing this could prevent losing the branch(s) altogether. Do not underestimate the weight of a tree limb! If it looks like it is about to break off, leave it alone. Hire a professional arborist to deal with it.

For those who want to tackle the job themselves, safety gear is a must. Wear a hard hat, safety glasses and a pair of safety gloves.


Once it warms up outside, assess the damage. Clean off as many of the loose twigs and leaves as possible. Use the right tools for the job. For large branches, choose a Stihl® gas or electric chain saw. It’s really a matter of personal preference. Gas chain saws are heavier, but there is no chord to mess with. Electric chainsaws are the green choice for those environmentally conscious because only occasional oil is needed. Gas chainsaws require both fuel and oil to run.


Long handled pole pruners are perfect for cutting taller branches (again electric or gas). These gems can have chainsaws attached on the end so you can reach as far as 10 feet away – even further with extensions. Pruning saws are also very effective for cutting large branches. Bypass pruners or loppers look a bit like large scissors and are remarkably effective for smaller branches. greengate has  a vast selection of Stihl® tools for you to choose from to meet your specific needs.

Whatever tools are used, cut off all broken and damaged limbs as close to the trunk as possible. Trim at a 45 degree angle. If the branch has ripped off part of the trunk, cut back and cover the trunk with tree wrap. It’s like a Band-Aid for trees. If desired, pruning paste can be applied to protect the open wound from insects and airborne diseases.


Keep safety in mind at all times when pruning trees. If the task looks too risky or dangerous, it probably is. Again, hire a professional.

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