Grow AmazingIndoor tropical house plants

Indoor tropical house plants

Flowering house plants will flower year after year if given the proper conditions.

House plants can brighten and beautify any room in your home or office. greengate offers expert advice on how to select the right plants for your specific needs plus, instruction on how to care for them. There are two main classifications of houseplants: foliage plants (includes both standing and hanging plants) and flowering plants. Foliage plants are grown for their leaf shape, colour, and often variegation. These plants may flower, but they are generally grown for their foliage, as their flowering is not consistent. Flowering houseplants will flower year after year if given the proper conditions.

The new school of indoor house plants

The popularity of indoor house plants has flourished in the past years. More and more people are using houseplants as décor. Plants can make any dull space far more interesting and literally bring the space to life. This wonderful trend also has numerous other delightful benefits.

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There have been studies by NASA, Scientific American, U.S. National Library of Medicine, University of Norway and others that give us some insight of how houseplants enrich our lives. Aside from cleaning the air in our homes, plants can speed us along in recovery from injury, increase productivity and improve our attention spans.

The really nice thing about indoor house plants is that they are relatively inexpensive and there is a plant for most indoor spaces. Many of these house plants can live for years and years with basic care, so you don't always have to start with huge plants. In fact, you can start with tiny four-inch pots, or even cutting from friends and family. You can learn about starting cuttings here, but if you don't like to wait that's ok too. We have a great selection of all sorts and sizes from XXS to XXXL.

There is something to be said for growing up a few plants at a time and having them mature into their spaces. Of course, it can take some time and patience but, in the end, it's always worth it. Some plants can grow quickly and will surprise the heck out of you once they get going. A good example of this is Tetrastigma, which can grow several meters in just one season. These days, it's not about the same old time-honoured Pathos, Boston Fern or Fig Trees. These plants are still great! In fact, Pathos in a macramé hanger may now be more popular than ever! Nevertheless, the modern indoor growing of houseplants offers you a wide variety of growth habits, colours and even flowers.

Tillandsias have become very popular.

Often called air plants these plants come in an amazing variety of sizes and colours. Because they don't grow in a pot full of dirt, Tillandsias can be scattered about your home, hung on walls, or tucked in corners in bunches. Caring for them is simple enough. Just soak them every week or so and these plants will live happily where ever you have an empty space. They are especially great for décor because they can live in a box, a shell or terrarium; and their unique look makes them a wonderful addition to your indoor garden.

Certainly, a variety of foliage

can add interest to your collection of indoor house plants. You can now commonly find all sorts of different house plants that feature amazing foliage. Aglaonema Siam comes in brilliant hues of red and pink. Aphelandra or Zebra plants grows in many different shades of green highlighted by striking white stripes. Although, the Zebra Plant seldom flowers, when it does, it produces spiky, bright yellow, red and red/yellow bracts that grow up to 4 inches tall. Unfortunately, in Calgary, it is likely to put out only leaves due to our lack of winter light, but that can't stop you from trying.

If you are looking for

a really funky flower you're in luck! You can grow Bromeliads.These have an astounding range of flowers and colours that are simply bedazzling.

There are also some great carnivorous plants

that attract a lot of attention these days. One of them is theNepenthes or Pitcher Plant - aptly named for its unique ability to grow cups or pitchers. They grow in a stunning array of reds, browns, purples and greens depending on the variety. They are also known as Monkey Cups as monkeys have been seen drinking water from them. Growing these plants not only stirs up our prehistoric instincts, but also some great conversation. It's not surprising that kids love them! What can be better than a plant that eats bugs?

Today you can find a great number of different indoor plants that are unique. Consider the Chlorophytum Mandarin Orange, which sports bright orange foliage and flowers.

There are so many amazing plants that you can grow indoors here even in Calgary, that there are too many to mention. That's kind of the point behind the new school indoor house plant movement. It need not be boring, or plain. The new school embraces cacti, succulents, vines and fairy plants. Today's indoor house plants offer all the wonders and variations of nature that were once the domain of only botanists and explorers. Now you can find them for your very own home if you just come and look.

We can help you select the right plant for your home or office's specific conditions and offer you expert advice on care. The above are a few things to consider before choosing the right house plants for your home.