The colour Languages of Roses

  • Red - Love
  • Pink - Grace / Gratitude
  • White - Worthiness / Purity
  • Yellow - Jealousy

growing roses

It is a common misconception that rose gardening is the domain of expert gardeners. With a large variety of types and growth habits, a rose bush can add colour and fragrance to almost any garden. Many roses can survive Calgary's harsh winter climate with little more care than a flowering shrub or perennial, while other more tender varieties need winter protection. There are two main classifications that will be used for the purpose of Calgary rose gardening - hardy shrub roses and tender roses. greengate carries a large variety of roses, both hardy and tender. Please feel free to consult our helpful greengate staff if you have any rose questions.


Hardy shrub roses

These easily grown Calgary favorites are suited to novice and expert gardeners alike. Those who want summer roses without the winterization needed by tender roses find these to be an excellent option. For those gardeners who want decorative hedges and borders, these roses with their shrub-like growth habit are often ideal.


Explorer rose

Developed in Canada and named for early Canadian explorers, these disease resistant hybrids bloom prolifically on new growth. Many varieties bloom all summer, with others blooming twice, in early and later summer.


Parkland rose

Developed in Manitoba expressly to survive through Canada's winter, these compact shrub roses will bloom and re-bloom throughout the summer.


Rugosa and other shrub roses

These roses are vigorous and hardy with very prickly stems. They come in a large variety of colours and are usually fragrant. These plants are good for hedges and garden beds.


Climbing roses

True climbing roses do not do well in the Calgary climate. There are however, some tall hardy shrub roses that can be trained to climb a trellis or a fence.


Tender roses

Tender roses are those roses that require protection to ensure survival. The huge variety of bloom sizes and colours make these tender roses a beautiful addition to many Calgary gardens.


Hybrid tea roses

These garden favorites feature large flowers on long stems, with usually one flower per stem. They make excellent cut flowers and come in many varieties and multiple colours.


Floribunda rose

Large quantities of smaller flowers are presented in clusters on these bushy plants. With their shrub-like growth habit and abundance of flowers, floribundas are an excellent choice for garden beds and border plants.


Grandiflora rose

This combination of hybrid tea and floribunda roses produces large vigorous plants, and flowers on long stems. Flowers on grandiflora are present both singly and in clusters. They make good cut flowers.


Miniature roses

These perfect, scaled down versions of hybrid tea and floribunda roses come in a stunning variety of colours. These miniatures will bloom continually throughout the summer and can be grown both in and outdoors.

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