Indoor/Outdoor Lighting


Cool-burning and energy efficient L.E.D. lights, come in many different colours



Christmas lights



For indoor applications, such as artificial trees or garlands, cool-burning and energy efficient L.E.D. Christmas lights, come in many different colours, make them the best choice for indoor lighting needs. They come in strings of 50 lights and have a premium locking collar so the bulb will not come loose and cause problems. These strings will stay lit even if one light burns out.



Christmas lights



For outdoor applications we recommend Noma/Alderbrook products. From outdoor mini lights, net lights, icicle lights, fancy lights, to the standard large bulb string of lights, you can be assured of quality backed by C.S.A. approval. We also carry Outdoor L.E.D. Lights in various lengths so you can help reduce electrical use both indoors and outdoors


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