Image Plant Name Botanical Name Height Colour Sun / Shade Planting Date Description
ASARINA ASARINA Asarina spp. 7 ft. 2 m pink, purple, red sun Feb. 15-28 Trailing vine with large, trumpet-shaped flowers
BLACK EYED SUSAN VINE BLACK EYED SUSAN VINE Thunbergia alata 3 ft. 1 m orange, yellow sun or part shade April 10-20 Arrow shaped leaves; colourful individually borne flowers with dark centers
CANARY BIRD VINE CANARY BIRD VINE Tropaeolum peregrinum 7 ft. 2 m yellow sun or part shade May 1-10 Annual climber with 5-lobed leaves and cut petaled flowers
CHILEAN GLORY VINE CHILEAN GLORY VINE Eccremocarpus scaber 5-6 ft. 1.5-2 m yellow, orange, red sun Mar. 1-15 Bunches of small tubular blooms
FUCHSIA FUCHSIA Fuchsia hybrida 2 ft. 60 cm red, purple, pink, white part shade to shade Mar. 1-10 Woody shrub with bi-coloured, drooping flowers. Great for hanging baskets
GREATER PERIWINKLE GREATER PERIWINKLE Vinca major 2 ft. 60 cm blue part shade to shade n/a Variegated trailing foliage; available only as seedling
HYACHINTH BEAN HYACHINTH BEAN Dolichos lablab 6 ft. 1.8 m lilac sun Mar. 1-15 Flowers form purple edible pods; twining climber
KENILWORTH IVY KENILWORTH IVY Cymbalaria muralis 2 ft. 60 cm pink part shade to shade Feb. 15-20 Tiny blooms, small foliage, tiny orchid-like flowers; available as seedling only
LICORICE VINE LICORICE VINE Helichrysum petiolatum 3ft. 1m silver foliage sun n/a Attractive lemon, silver/white, silver green, and grey foliage
LOTUS VINE LOTUS VINE Lotus berthelotii 24-30 in. 60-75 cm red sun n/a Trailing, silvery grey foliage, long, thin flowers, good for containers
LOTUS VINE LOTUS VINE Lotus maculata 24-30 in. 60-75 cm yellow sun n/a Trailing, silvery grey foliage, long, thin flowers, good for containers
MOON VINE MOON VINE Ipomoea alba 10 ft. 3 m white sun Mar. 15-30 Large fragrant flowers that open at night; available as seedling only
MORNING GLORY MORNING GLORY Ipomoea purpurea 10 ft. 3 m blue sun Mar. 15-30 Large trumpet-shaped flowers; great for screening
ORANGE TRUMPET ORANGE TRUMPET Pyrostegia venusta 10/20 ft. 305/610 cm orange sun n/a Creeper. Flowers from May to August
PURPLE BELLS PURPLE BELLS Rhodochiton atrosanguineus 3-5 ft. 1-1.5 m. purple sun or part shade Mar. 20-31 Good for hangers, planters; tubular flowers; available as seedling only
PURPLE CLIMBER PURPLE CLIMBER Cobaea scandens 12 ft. 4 m violet sun n/a Bell-shaped flowers with green sepals; great for hanging baskets
SCARLET RUNNER BEAN SCARLET RUNNER BEAN Phaseolus coccineus 7 ft. 2 m. red sun n/a / May 25 Vine has red, flower clusters, edible beans; seeds can be planted directly outdoors
SPANISH FLAG Mina lobata 5-6ft. 1.5-2m. red, orange, yellow sun April 1 Twining climber; 3 flower colors same time
SWEET PEA SWEET PEA Lathyrus odoratus 10 ft. 3 m. pink, white, blue, red, cream, purple sun or part shade n/a / April 20 Old-fashioned favorite with fragrant flowers; seeds can be planted directly outdoors
SWEET POTATO VINE SWEET POTATO VINE Ipomoea batatus 2-3 ft. 60-75 cm. purple foliage sun to part shade n/a Used primarily for hanging baskets and ground cover, grown for colourful foliage