Image Plant Name Botanical Name Height / Spread Colour Sun / Shade Planting Date Description
African Daisy AFRICAN DAISY Arctotis 12/18 in. 30/45 cm various sun Some hairy, smooth, or trailing leaves
AGERATUM AGERATUM Ageratum houstonianum 6/10 in. 15/25 cm mauve, blue, red, white sun to part shade Feb. 20-28/May 1-15 Compact plant with wispy flower clusters, remove spent flowers
Sweet Alyssum ALYSSUM, SWEET Lobularia maritima 8/10 in. 20/25 cm purple, white, lavender, rose sun to part shade Mar. 15-30/May 1-10 Compact plant with dainty flowers; good edging plant, very fragrant; blooms from spring to frost
Amaranthus AMARANTHUS Amaranthus caudatus 24/18 in. 60/45 cm red sun Feb. 20-28/n/a Drooping red tassel flowers; dramatic accent plant
China Aster ASTER, CHINA Callistephus chinensis 6-24/8 in. 15-60/20 cm white, blue, red, purple, pink sun Mar. 15-30/May 1-10 Blooms late in the summer with daisy and pompom flower forms, good cutting flower
BABY'S BREATH BABY'S BREATH Gysophila elegans 8-24/12 in. 20-60/30 cm white, pink sun Mar. 15-30/May 1-10 Plentiful clusters of delicate flowers, good for drying
BACHELOR'S BUTTON BACHELOR'S BUTTON Centaurea cyanus 18/10 in. 45/25 cm blue, pink sun Feb. 15-30/Apr. 15-30 Truly blue flowers that readily re-seed, frost tolerant
BACOPA BACOPA Satura cordata 3-24 in. 7.5-61 cm blue, white, pink part shade Low spreading annual, tiny flowers
wax begonia BEGONIA, WAX Begonia semperflorens 8/6 in. 20/15 cm red, pink, white shade Feb. 1-20/n/a Colourful clusters of flowers; green or bronze fleshy leaves and fibrous roots
Tuberous begonia BEGONIA, TUBEROUS Begonia tuberhybrida 14/12 in. 35/30 cm red, pink, yellow, white shade n/a Large showy double flowers; available as plant only
CLEOME CLEOME Cleome hasslerana 36/12 in. 90/30 cm pink, purple, white sun Mar. 1-10/May 1-10 Clusters of flowers with a spidery appearance, tall stems, heat tolerant
COLEUS COLEUS Coleus x hybridus 12/10 in. 30/25 cm varied, red/yellow part shade to shade Mar. 1-15/n/a Grown for colourful foliage; a combination of multi-colored leaves
COSMOS COSMOS Cosmos bipinnatus 10-36/24 in. 25-90/60 cm pink, white, lavender, yellow/red, chocolate sun Apr. 1-10/May 10-20 This plant has feathery foliage with daisy-like flowers, needs staking
DAHLBERG DAISY DAHLBERG DAISY Thymophylla tenuiloba 4-8/6 in. 10-20/ cm yellow full sun n/a Low-growing daisy with ferny foliage, can reseed, good for edging
DAHLIA DAHLIA Dahlia pinnata 12-24/10 in. 30-60/25 cm various sun Mar. 10-20/May 10-20 This late summer bloomer adds color to a garden in late summer and early fall, good cut flower
DATURA DATURA Datura spp. 4/2 ft. 1/.5 m white, yellow, mauve sun Mar. 10-20/May 1-10 An exotic plant, with large trumpet flowers. All plant parts poisonous
DIANTHUS/CHINA PINK DIANTHUS/CHINA PINK Dianthus chinensis 12/8 in. 30/20 cm red, pink, white sun to part shade Mar. 1-10/May 1-10 Fringed flowers, similar to carnations; fragrant and frost tolerant
DRACAENA DRACAENA Dracaena indivisa 36/24 in. 90/60 cm green foliage sun to part shade n/a Grown for its foliage and rosettes of sword shaped leaves; frost tolerant, available as plant only
DUSTY MILLER DUSTY MILLER Senecio cineraria 8-16 /8 in. 20-40/20 cm silver foliage sun Feb. 1-10/n/a Grown for its white foliage, this plant has hairy, divided leaves; drought and frost tolerant
FOUR O'CLOCK FOUR O'CLOCK Mirabilis jalapa 30/20 in. 75/50 cm various sun n/a/June 1-15 Trumpet-like flowers open in late afternoon and stay open all night. Available as seed only
FUCHSIA FUCHSIA Fuchsia hybrida 2 ft. 60 cm red, purple, pink, white part shade to shade Mar. 1-10 Woody shrub with bi-coloured, drooping flowers. Great for hanging baskets
GAILLARDIA GAILLARDIA Guillardia pulchella 18-36/12 in. 46-90/30 cm yellow, orange, crimson sun Mar. 24/n/a Brilliant daisy like flowers
MARIGOLD, AFRICAN MARIGOLD, AFRICAN Tagetes erecta 12-36/12 in. 30-80/30 cm orange, yellow sun Apr. 1-15/May 15-30 Tall plants with lacy leaves and large flowers
MARIGOLD, FRENCH MARIGOLD, FRENCH Tagetes patula 6-18/6 in. 15-40/15 cm yellow, orange sun Mar. 10-20/May 15-25 Solid and bicolor flowers
MARIGOLD SIGNATA MARIGOLD SIGNATA Tagetes knuifolia 6-8/6 in. 15-20/20 cm gold, lemon yellow, tangerine sun Mar. 10-20/May 15-25 Lacy foliage with a citrus fragrance, grown as much for the foliage as the tiny flowers
MEXICAN HEATHER MEXICAN HEATHER Cuphea hyssopifolia 24/18-36 in. 30/45-90 cm purple, lavender, white, pink part shade Long stems topped with dainty flower heads
MONKEY FLOWER MONKEY FLOWER Mimulus x hybridus 10/6 in. 25/15 cm red, yellow, orange shade Mar. 10-20/May 15-20 Bi-coloured flowers suitable for moist shaded area
NASTURTIUM NASTURTIUM Tropaeolum majus 10/10 in. 25/25 cm red, yellow, orange sun to part shade Apr. 1-10/May 1-10 Dwarf plants with edible foliage and flowers; easy to grow from seed, do not fertilize
NEMESIA NEMESIA Nemesia strumosa 12/6 in. 30/15 cm various sun to part shade Mar. 1-10/May 10-20 Flowers resemble miniature orchids, grow in a cool location
NICOTIANA NICOTIANA Nicotiana alata 12-36/10 in. 30-90/25 cm red, wine, rose, lavender, white sun to part shade Mar. 1-10/May 1-10 Fragrant, star-shaped flowers; also known as flowering tobacco
NIEREMBERGIA NIEREMBERGIA Nierembergia caerulea 4-8/12 in. 10-20/30 cm white, dark purple sun to part shade Mar. 15-30/June 1-15 Flower has a golden eye, plant forms a neat dense mat that is covered in flowers; frost tolerant
PANSY PANSY Viola x wittrockiana 6-8/6 in. 15-20/15 cm various shade Feb. 1-10/n/a Hardy and frost tolerant, these short plants grow best in shaded, moist areas, cool season bloomers
PHLOX Phlox drummondii 6-8/6 in. 15-20/15 cm various sun to part shade Mar. 1-10/May 1-10 A compact plant with a long lasting bloom period, good cut flower
POPPY, CALIFORNIA Eschscholzia californica 16-24/6 in. 40-60/15 cm orange sun Apr. 10-20/May 1-10 Saucer-shaped flowers all summer, grayish-green foliage
CORN POPPY POPPY, CORN Papaver rhoeas 16-24/18 in. 40-60/45 cm red, pink, white, salmon sun Apr. 10-20/May 15-30 European wild field poppy, also known as Flanders or Shirley poppy
PORTULACA PORTULACA Portulaca grandiflora 4/6 in. 10/15 cm various bright colors sun Mar. 1-10/May 10-20 Succulent plant with rose-like blooms for hot, dry areas, close on cloudy days
SALPIGLOSSIS SALPIGLOSSIS Salpiglossis sinuata 24-36/12 in. 60-80/30 cm rose, orange, purple, red, yellow sun to part shade Mar. 15-25/May 10-20 Petunia-like flowers with veined petals; back of border, good cut flower
SALVIA SALVIA Salvia spp. 6-24/15-60 in. 30/30 cm red, blue, salmon, purple, white sun Mar. 1-10/n/a Erect, bushy plant, uniquely shaped flowers in vivid colours, good cut flower
SCAEVOLA SCAEVOLA Scaevola aemula 8/10 in. 20/25 cm blue, pink, white sun Apr. 1-10 Tiny blue flowers, great for hanging
SCHIZANTHUS SCHIZANTHUS Schizanthus x wisetonensis 12/12 in. 30/30 cm white, red , blue, pink, purple sun to part shade Mar. 1-10/May 10-20 Spectacular show of lacy leaves and orchid-like flowers, good container or hanging basket plant
SNAPDRAGON SNAPDRAGON Antirrhinum majus 6-36/12 in. 60/30-90 cm various sun, part shade Mar. 1-15/May 10-20 Flower spikes bloom from base up, shear for second bloom; good for edging to back of border; frost tolerant
STATICE STATICE Limonium sinuatum 18/12 in. 45/30 cm blue, yellow, purple, lavender sun Mar. 10-20/May 10-20 Flower spikes with papery petals; good for dried flowers
STOCK, NIGHT SCENTED STOCK, NIGHT SCENTED Matthiola bicornis 14/8 in. 35/20 cm lavender sun to part shade Mar. 20-30/May 10-20 Flower spikes with four-petaled blooms forming a cross, scent strongest in evening
STOCK, TEN-WEEK STOCK, TEN-WEEK Matthiola incana 30/8 in. 75/20 cm various sun to part shade Mar. 1-10/May 10-20 Long, dense, flower spikes; good cut flower, very fragrant
STRAWFLOWER STRAWFLOWER Helichrysum bracteatum 24-36/8 in. 60-90/20 cm various sun Apr. 10-20/May 10-20 Daisy-like flowers with straw-like naturally dry flowers
SUNFLOWER SUNFLOWER Helianthus annuus 1-12 ft./1-3 ft. 30-360/30-90 cm gold, amber, burgundy, red sun April 1/May 10-20 Many varieties of tall stemmed flowers with large heads, tall varieties need staking
SWEET PEA SWEET PEA Lathyrus odoratus 'Knee High' 24-30/8 in./60-75 cm various sun April 1/April 15-20 Shorter sweet peas for garden beds, good for cut flowers, easily grown from seed
TORENIA TORENIA Torenia fournieri 6/8 in. 15/20 cm burgundy, white, blue part shade Mar. 20 Wishbone flower, does well in baskets, keep moist
VERBENA VERBENA Verbena x hybrida 12/12 in. 30/30 cm various sun Feb. 20-28/May 10-20 Both upright and trailing varieties available, round flower clusters in bright colours; good border plant
WEE WILLIE WEE WILLIE Dianthus barbatus 4/6 in. 10/15 cm pink, red, white sun Mar. 1-15/June 1-15 Bushy, flattened heads of colourful flowers in June and July, good border plant
ZINNIA ZINNIA Zinnia elegans 6-36/15-60 in. 30/30 cm various sun April 1-10/May 20-30 Showy, with round flowers; likes hot dry areas