greengate in our community


We're not just Official Sponsor of The Calgary Horticultural Society....


Calgary Hort Society






greengate Garden Centres also sponsors many community minded efforts including the Calgary Homeless Foundation.



Calgary Homeless Foundation


We support many other non-profit organizations with plant donations throughout the year. Annual and perennials to Camp Horizon, Seniors Residences and Youth Homes and many other non-profit properties that can use, but can't afford, beautiful plant materials.


Halloween pumpkins and unsold or uneaten food goods go to the Food Bank year in and out.



Calgary Food Bank

Calgary Food Bank & greengate Garden Centres





annual flower





When you shop at greengate you know that you are helping to support all kinds of community events from sports teams to music recitals and more. We are proud members of R.E.A.P. we support the ideals of being local, being environmentally and sustainably minded all which we feel are good business practices.


 Reap be Lcal




We have worked hard to be a good neighbour in the community. By supporting us you are supporting Calgary communities. Thank you for being our good neighbors.



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