Wild Flowers

Wild flowers

Are you going away for some time in the summer and still want your beds colourfull?

Do you want flowerbeds that look great, but don't take a lot of maintenance? Would you like to fill some hard to plant open spaces in your garden?

No problem.

Wildflower seed packages of contain a wide variety of hardy seeds. They all have different heights, growth habits, flower colours and bloom periods. So, at any time during the season there will likely be blooms, along with several interesting plants in various stages of growth. Even left unattended for long periods of time, these plants will adjust naturally to their given conditions. There are packages of seeds for various conditions and garden uses. You can get an all-purpose mixture, which will work under the widest variety of conditions, and more specialized varieties that grow well in the shade or in dry areas. You can also choose between low and taller growing varieties. The varieties and uses are almost endless.

They are easy to grow and easy to maintain. What more could you ask?