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recycling paper and cardboard is not enough




Some of our recycling initiatives have been difficult but with the help of REAP, (Respect for the Earth and All People), we have been able to continue to recycle more difficult items. In the past we have done our best to keep plastics out of landfills, but without a proper facility located in Calgary this was a difficult task. Now we are able to send plastic directly to the Metro Waste recycling facility and, as such, you will now see a new plastic recycling container for dropping off plastics here at the store. Remember you can also recycle your plastic pot plants at home by recycling them in your blue bin. Of course we are not discouraging you to come and visit and drop your plastics here... We'll take care of it.


You will be able to purchase, at cost, reusable shopping bags or you may feel better about using plastic, since our plastic bags and trunk liners are now bio-degradable. greengate's cardboard plant trays are also made of 100% post consumer recycled content, as well as, many of our day to day paper needs.


Recycling paper and cardboard is not enough so we have done our best to find uses for other shipping materials. Wooden pallets that have outgrown their usefulness are recycled into wood chips and you can see and use the results of this by purchasing Recycled Red Mulch right here at our store.


We continue to look for new ways of doing business greener, it's what we do and by supporting greengate you are supporting all kinds of positive green initiatives.

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