Fruit BearingTrees

Fruit bearing & ornamental trees or shrubs

Fruit bearing and ornamental trees or shrubs can add colour and shelter to your yard and in some cases food for you table. These come in a huge variety of sizes and will be suitable for almost and spot in the garden.

Fruit bearing trees and shrubs flower, and then produce edible fruit. They add both colour, with their leaves and blooms during the spring and summer, and delicious home-grown treats in the fall.

Ornamental trees and shrubs are plants that flower, like fruit bearing trees and shrubs, but do not produce and edible fruit. These plants can be excellent features for yards of all sizes and configurations, with often unique foliage and bright late summer blooms.

Cherry Tree

With more gardeners seeing the value in growing their food, Calgarians can now choose to include fruit trees in their precious outdoor spaces.

Romance Series cherry trees and shrubs can produce some tasty fruit and are hardy here. Don't forget apple trees! Combination apples are a wonderful way to go! A combination apple is a tree that has more than one variety of apples grafted to it. So, you can have multiple types of apples growing, all in one space, which is cool! Other great standbys that do superbly in Calgary are saskatoons, haskaps, and raspberries to name a few. So, if you have ever thought about growing fruit in Calgary now might be the time.

Of course, there will always be the tried and true varieties that make shade, look great and will always do well here. But you may want to try a Burr Oak or a Hot Wings maple. These can grow in Calgary which surprises many. You don't have to settle for birch, spruce or mountain ashes unless, of course, you love them. Look for flowering trees like the Toba Hawthorns or flowering shrubs like the Mock Orange.

When it comes down to planting, always try and remember that in a few short years your small young tree is going to get bigger. Plant it in an appropriate space. Take care not to plant under eaves and power lines and not too close to buildings. Always keep the mature size of the tree in mind.