Staking a tree to help it grow in our Calgary winds

Staking a tree to help it grow in our strong Calgary winds

Due to the windy conditions in the Calgary area, all but the smallest of trees require staking.

Staking keeps trees straight while they are rooting and prevents uprooting during wind storms. There are two methods of staking trees: using guy wires, or metal posts or wooden stakes. When staked, a tree should be able to move a few inches, as this will encourage strong root and trunk development.

Guy wires

Attached 3 guy wires to the tree, 2/3 the way up the tree. Protect the tree's bark by wrapping the portion of the wire contacting the tree trunk with a section of garden hose. Run one wire toward the northwest, directly into the prevailing winds, and attach it to a small stake, 40 cm. long, driven into the ground about two meters away from the base of the tree. Run the other two wires out from the tree ensuring even spacing between the three guy wires. Attach these wires to similar small stakes. Make sure that each of the 3 wires are evenly tightened.


Metal or wooden stakes

Select a metal or wooden stake that is about one meter taller than the tree you are staking. Locate the stake on the NW side of the tree as this is the origin of most prevailing winds in Calgary. Drive the stake into the ground next to the tree making sure that the stake passes on the outside of the root ball. Pound the stake in deep enough to secure it, about one meter. Attach the tree to the stake using plastic tree ties or wire. Cover the wire with a section of garden hose where it contacts the tree trunk so as not to damage the bark.