Poinsettia plants

This Christmas, make a point of stopping in our greenhouse to see the latest varieties of Poinsettias.


poinsettia plant

Poinsettias have for a long time been a Christmas tradition, but the poinsettia has evolved way beyond the simple red leafed plant we have come to know. Today there are many hues of reds and pinks, creams and whites and even some yellows. The bracts too have been evolving as well, some varieties even boasting variegated and zygomorphic foliage. (That means they have two colours on the leaf and the leaf itself is ruffled.) New at greengate you can find the cultivar Princettia.

Tip: Proper care of your Christmas poinsettia includes lots of light and monitoring of its' moisture. If the soil dries out or water collects in the plastic pot, your plant will suffer. It is crucial to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Always discard any excess water that collects in decorative pot covers. Poinsettias hate the cold so keep them away from drafts, open doors or windows. You can enjoy your poinsettia all year long with a little love and attention.




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