Planting wild flowers

The annuals will bloom the year the seeds are planted.


Plant wildflower seeds in the spring, preferably in early May.


Dig the soil and simply scatter the seeds, then water, as soon as the soil warms up.


Tip: Wildflower seeds are best planted previous to rain.


Most seed mixtures contain annual and perennial seeds. The annuals will bloom the year the seeds are planted. Some will seed themselves and continue to come back for years, while others will not come back the next year. Perennials generally don't bloom until the second year. Many will do just that, and return for many years. Some won't survive the first winter and you will never know what the flowers would have looked like.


After several years, your beds may seem to be mostly perennials, which have a shorter blooming period than annuals. You can scatter annual seeds in those areas for more blooms. Of course, annuals may predominate and give you a wonderful casualness to your garden.


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