Containerized tree and shrub stock

Create a tree well or indentation, which will hold water around the base of the plant.


Dig a hole 15 cm. deeper and 30 cm. wider in diameter than the container in which the plant is growing. With the container on, set the plant in the hole to ensure that the ground level is even with the top of the root ball. Remove the plant from the hole and carefully, so as not to disturb the soil around the root system, remove the root ball from the container. Place the root ball back into the hole. As you pull topsoil in around the plant to fill the hole, tamp the topsoil down firmly with the sole of your shoe. This eliminates air pockets and ensures good contact between the topsoil and the root system. Create a tree well or indentation which will hold water, around the base of the plant. Water the plant thoroughly by filling this indentation with a solution of water and a root starter such as Schultz 10-60-10. Water the plant deeply whenever the soil surface dries out, generally biweekly, during the first growing season to ensure the plant's survival.


Use a water-soluble high phosphorus fertilizer (10-60-10, 10-52-10, 5-15-5) for rooting or Myke.



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