There are a great many varieties; gardeners should choose varieties that will yield the type of tomatoes that they or their family enjoy.


Tomatoes are one of the most widely grown of all garden plants, edible or flowering. There are a great many varieties; gardeners should choose varieties that will yield the type of tomatoes that they or their family enjoy. There are two main types of tomatoes, bush and vine.





Bush tomatoes

Bush tomatoes are determinate, that is, they grow to a specific size, produce fruit and then die. With their shrub-like growth habit they do not usually need staking. Some bush tomatoes are also known as early tomatoes. Along with a relatively short time to maturation, these tomatoes will blossom and fruit with low night time temperatures, a fixture at the tail end of most Calgary summers.



Vine tomatoes

Vine tomatoes are considered indeterminate. That is, they continue growing for an indeterminate length of time. This means they will grow and produce fruit until the frost kills them. Vine tomatoes need to be planted in tomato cages or staked for support. Fruit from unsupported plants may rot and discolour on the round. Vines should be tied to tomato cages or stakes with stake tape as they grow.




Plant tomatoes in a warm, sunny place with good drainage. They also do well in large containers on a deck or patio and thrive with reflected sun behind them as well as direct sun.


NOTE: Tomato seedlings should be planted deeper than most other seedlings, up to their first set of leaves. Larger plants should be planted several inches deeper than they are in the container.




Tomatoes require consistent, deep watering to thrive. Soil should be checked for moisture every day in hot weather. Water well, do not sprinkle - the whole root ball needs moisture. Be sure that containers have good drainage. Mulching around the base of tomato plants will help them to retain water and discourage weed growth. Drought causes black patches on the bottom of the fruit (blossom end rot), which are unsightly and make the fruit inedible.


NOTE: The more direct sun for tomatoes the more flavour.



Tomato Growing Guide

Plant Name Days to Harvest Bush / Vine Determinate / Indeterminate Comments
Beef Master 65-70 days Vine Indeterminate Large meaty fruit, bright red, good for short season
Big Beef 72 days Vine Indeterminate Large, early beefsteak type
Champion 62 days Bush Indeterminate Medium sized fruit, sweet, good slicer
Early Girl Hybrid 52 days Vine Indeterminate Round, medium-sized fruit, continuous producer, excellent flavor, needs staking
Health Kick 72 days Vine Determinate 4-5oz fruit. 50% more lycopene. High yield
Lemon Boy 72 days Vine Indeterminate Round, lemon yellow skin and fruit, mild flavor
Manitoba 60 days Bush Determinate Early with a good flavour
La Roma Mama Mia 60-65 days Bush Determinate Medium-sized, pear-shaped tomato, good for sauces and paste, heavy yield. Do not prune
Sub Arctic 'Maxi' 48-50 days Bush Determinate Golf ball sized, bright red fruit, good yields, sets fruit in cool conditions, very early
Sweet Million 60-70 days Vine Indeterminate Clusters of small, sweet fruit, very prolific, needs staking
Tumbler 55 days Bush Determinate Small, sweet cherry tomatoes, early, good in hanging baskets or pots
Ox Heart 80 days Vine Indeterminate Heart shaped. Dark pink

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