Pre-planting roses


All roses should be planted in well-drained topsoil.


annual flower


pre-planting instructions

Take care to prevent windburn to plants during transport by covering them well. Keep plants cool, in a shady area, and well watered until they are planted. Cover the root ball of balled and bur lapped trees to prevent root drying.


soil preparation

All roses should be planted in well-drained topsoil. If there is less than 20 cm. of topsoil in the planting area additional topsoil should be added. As you dig a hole separate the topsoil from the heavy subsoil. Discard the subsoil and replace it with rich topsoil. Do not pull heavy subsoil in around a plant as backfill. Add one part peat moss or prepared soil mix to three parts soil that you have dug from the planting hole. If, after digging a hole, you find the subsoil to be excessively heavy, having a high clay content; dig the hole down an additional 15-30 cm. (6-12 in.). Fill this space with clean sand or gravel to enhance the subsoil drainage conditions.

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