people and the planet are just as important as profits


REAP stands for Respect for the Earth and All People. We are a not-for-profit association of Calgary businesses that believe that people and the planet are just as important as profits. To learn more about how we are building a more sustainable city visit us online at

Be Local is brought to you by REAP!

REAP stands for Respect for the Earth and All People. We're a not-for-profit association for locally owned businesses that care about the community and the environment.

We want you to "Be Local" because your money does more good when it's spent at REAP businesses. It's used to:

• purchase renewable energy that keeps our air clean;

• reduce waste and conserve resources through recycling and composting programs;

• pay Calgary workers a Living Wage so there is less poverty in our communities;

• create orchards in areas where people can't afford fresh fruit; and

• is spent at other local businesses and non-profits so that we can all prosper.

Locally owned businesses spend, on average, 25% more of their revenue locally. This means your money recirculates in Calgary 2-4x and creates more good each time it changes hands. This multiplier effect means you aren't just supporting one business' green efforts, you are supporting many.

REAP businesses are at the forefront of the new economy, demonstrating that business can make a fair profit while contributing to healthy and prosperous communities. We invite you to learn more about how each REAP business is contributing to a more vibrant Calgary on our directory.

greengate and REAP


greengate is a local family company that aspires to be sustainable. Our membership in REAP shows our concerned about helping to create a more economically and environmentally sustainable city. We strive for corporate social responsibility.


It is our goal to be a leader in Eco initiatives and we are encourgaed by other companies who are like minded. Reap offers programs and events based on these principals and greegtae is a proud member in of this forward thinking business association.



At Greengate Garden Centre, everyone chips in.


Ten years ago, Greengate Garden Centre struck a deal with ECCO Recycling and Energy Corporation to recycle Greengate’s old wood pallets into mulch.


That handshake deal has diverted over 100 tonnes of waste from the landfill since its inception. Chemical-free wood chips are distributed by ECCO to garden centres – including Greengate – and are used to beautify gardens throughout the city.


“It’s great to not be taking our pallets to the landfill where it’ll take forever to decompose,” says Brad Hitchings, manager at Greengate. “It’s a win-win situation.


”Brad has managed the store since 1988, when it was called Golden Acres. When the Telford family bought it in 1997 and renamed it Greengate Garden Centre, Brad came along for the ride.


“The gardening industry is in my blood.”


 Brad is excited by the constant state of change at Greengate Garden Centre, from the seasonal fare to the customer base. He says where they used to see lots of the Baby Boomer generation, they’re seeing a massive influx of Millennials who are “hungry for information,” looking for practical ways to grow their own food.


“It’s made it all worth staying for. We want to be a leader for future generations.”



1. Visit Greengate Garden Centre at 14111 Macleod Trail SE.

2. Click here to learn more about ECCO Recycling and Energy Corporation.

3. Connect with Greengate on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

4. Vote for Greengate Garden Centre as your favourite local business in REAP’s 2017 Be Local Awards!





Respect for the Earth and All People.




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