garden products and tools

greengate has everything necessary to beautify your property.


First and foremost we are about offering you the best plants available. In our massive Cravo greenhouse you'll find the finest quality plants, unlike some other places! You'll also find the newest varieties and hard to get plants late into the season. We pay more for premium plants and have our growers hand pick the best they have to offer. Our Motto? Healthy plants grow faster and that's what we're all about.

Reinvent your yard using quality gardening tools, or add a statue, or fountain. greengate has everything necessary to beautify your property, ... planters, ponds, gravel, fertilizers, topsoil and more. Build your dream garden or deck out your yard from our unique selection of outdoor furniture. Whatever it is that you need for your garden, greengate recommends products that we don't just sell, but ones that WE use. We have the knowledge that can steer you in the right direction - from planting to purchasing. If there is anything we can help you with, just send us a note:



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