Landscaping mulches, barks & stone materials:

Information coming soon

There are many benefits to mulching aside from the aesthetic results. Mulch is perfect for shading roots of plants that prefer a cooler root system. A good example is Clematis or Lilies that like to reach out to the sun from their colder sheltered roots systems. Mulch also does a great job of retaining moisture and adding organic materials to the soil structure. Mulch around trees is especially beneficial as the mulch breaks down it adds materials that contribute to a more fungal dominate soil structure is what trees and shrubs love.

We have shredded Cedar Mulch in 2 c. ft. bags on hand and Bark Nuggets made of a mixture of Fir and Spruce in three sizes large, medium and small. For your convivence, you can order mulch at the till and we will load it up for you at our pick up shed.

If you have questions concerning our landscaping stone, please contact us at:

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