Gardening Kits Catalogue

The products below are just some of the thousands of products we have available for you at greengate.

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Check out our Herb Kits that our greengate pros selected for you.

These kits take the guess work out of what you will need to succeed, all with our Calgary climate and zone in mind.

The kits can be ordered online via our order form (along with any other items from greengate you may need) and to be picked up at greengate or in store at greengate.

Gardening Kits

NOTE: These photos are for reference only. This catalogue doesn`t represent our current inventory.

Grow Kit

Healthy Kitchen Herb Grow Kit (Includes Seeds)

Herb Kit

10 Pellet Herb Kit (Includes Seeds)

Tomato Kit

10 Pellet Tomato Kit (Includes Seeds)

Grow Kit

Healthy Herb Grow Kit (Includes Seeds)

Microgreens Kit

Broccoli Aqua Microgreens Kit

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