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greengate has a large variety of department 56 home decor collectables for both Halloween and Christmas.

Drop in and see our elaborate displays and pick up a new treasure ot two for your home, or even better, as a gift for others!

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Halloween decorations

Create a Christmas scene that will hold special meaning to your family.

greengate Garden Centres is Calgary's only Department 56 Platinum Key Dealer which means you'll find early release, exclusive, current and hard to find retired pieces you can't find anywhere else.



Christmas decorations


Department 56 lighted houses and accessories are a wonderful way to create memories for young and old alike.


The different villages each have special characteristics that draw people to them, often childhood memories.


Christmas at Greengate Garden Centres



Every year, some pieces retire in November and new pieces are announced in December. They usually arrive in August, signaling the end of summer and the beginning of the Christmas season! greengate Garden Centres is the only Department 56 Platinum Key Dealer in Calgary and our experienced staff will be happy to help you select the perfect piece. We have a tremendous selection just a few too many to mention here, so give us a ring and we'll be at your service. 403-256-1212 (click to call )




The Original Snow Village was the first village, beginning in 1976. These brightly colored, ceramic pieces represent America in the 1950's and 60's. Remember the 1958 Corvette, drive-in theatres, Graceland, and roller-skating? Snow Village pieces are a larger scale and shinier than the others and are usually not mixed with other villages.

Christmas at Greengate Garden Centres

There are also five villages, grouped together as 'The Heritage Village Collection', made of porcelain, all in the same scale:

Dickens Village represents London, England in the early 1800's. There are several themes, such as downtown London, with its formal buildings, the seacoast and canals, and the shops and homes in the villages of England.

Christmas at Greengate Garden Centres

New England Village is the Maritimes, with its lighthouses, gardens and tidy little shops and houses. You'll find accessories depicting native wild animals, woodland scenes, bridges and fishing that suggest the hills and the seacoast.

North Pole needs little explaining. Did you know that Santa and Mrs. Claus have quite a village up there? There are shops and factories, a fire hall, a ski resort and a chapel. The elves have their own tiny subdivision, Elfland. In the relatively new North Pole Woods, the elves live and work in the treetops and the reindeer have their own condo.

Christmas at Greengate Garden Centres

Christmas in the City is New York City in the 1920' and 30's. The tall, stately buildings hold restaurants, many shops and services, a police station and fire hall. Many accessories, both people and vehicles, add to the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Christmas at Greengate Garden Centres

Alpine Village reminds us of the mountains of Europe. The quaint, colorful buildings and accessories portray the beauty of the scenery, snow and outdoor fun, as well as eating establishments and music. What a wonderful place to live!

Christmas at Greengate Garden Centres

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