Black Henbane

Black Henbane Invades Calgary

A Concerning Discovery

Calgarians may have noticed a pale-yellow flower with fuzzy green leaves and purple veins popping up around the city.

Unfortunately, this plant, known as black henbane, is more than just a pretty face - it poses a threat to both humans and pets.

According to the Calgary Horticultural Society, black henbane is dangerous on contact, causing rashes on human skin and potential harm if ingested. Its attractive smell can even lure unsuspecting animals, making it particularly deceptive and hazardous.

While the plant has been present in the area for some time, its recent flourishing can be attributed, in part, to the dry weather conditions. It tends to appear in drier parts of the city and accessible fields, taking advantage of the hot and arid conditions Calgary has experienced this spring.

As a noxious weed classified under the Alberta Weed Control Act, the primary goal is to prevent its spread. If you come across black henbane on municipally-owned property, it's crucial to report it by calling 311, as removal is a priority for the city.

Complete eradication is unlikely, given the plant's established presence in the province. However, their aim is to remove it whenever possible.

For those dealing with it on private property, wear gloves and long sleeves, carefully pulling out the plant, and disposing of it in the black bin—not in the compost.

Remember, identifying and reporting black henbane is essential in managing its spread and protecting our community and natural environment.