Annuals are an excellent way to ensure colour in your yard all summer long.


annual flower

Any plant that grows, flowers, produces seeds and dies over the course of one year is considered an annual. Annuals are an excellent way to ensure colour in your yard all summer long. They are used for borders, in beds, and to fill open spaces between immature shrubs and trees. They over flow hanging baskets and window boxes, as well as creep up walls or trellises. The variety of uses and colour combinations is endless.


Annuals are available in both seed and seedling form. Seeds are either sown indoors or outdoors. This will depend on the growth requirements of the individual plants. Annual seeds that require a longer period of growth should be started indoors. These plants are identified in the chart portion of the Annual section. In many cases, with Calgary's short growing season, annuals should be planted in seedling form after the last chance of frost. These seedlings can either be grown from seeds indoors or purchased in seedling form.

Note: When choosing a spot to plant, consider the annual's growth habit. Tall plants may be best positioned at the backs of beds where they will not block the view of smaller plants.


annual flower

Image Plant Name Botanical Name Height / Spread Colour Sun / Shade Planting Date Description
African Daisy AFRICAN DAISY Arctotis 12/18 in. 30/45 cm various sun Some hairy, smooth, or trailing leaves
AGERATUM AGERATUM Ageratum houstonianum 6/10 in. 15/25 cm mauve, blue, red, white sun to part shade Feb. 20-28/May 1-15 Compact plant with wispy flower clusters, remove spent flowers
Sweet Alyssum ALYSSUM, SWEET Lobularia maritima 8/10 in. 20/25 cm purple, white, lavender, rose sun to part shade Mar. 15-30/May 1-10 Compact plant with dainty flowers; good edging plant, very fragrant; blooms from spring to frost
Amaranthus AMARANTHUS Amaranthus caudatus 24/18 in. 60/45 cm red sun Feb. 20-28/n/a Drooping red tassel flowers; dramatic accent plant
China Aster ASTER, CHINA Callistephus chinensis 6-24/8 in. 15-60/20 cm white, blue, red, purple, pink sun Mar. 15-30/May 1-10 Blooms late in the summer with daisy and pompom flower forms, good cutting flower
BABY'S BREATH BABY'S BREATH Gysophila elegans 8-24/12 in. 20-60/30 cm white, pink sun Mar. 15-30/May 1-10 Plentiful clusters of delicate flowers, good for drying
BACHELOR'S BUTTON BACHELOR'S BUTTON Centaurea cyanus 18/10 in. 45/25 cm blue, pink sun Feb. 15-30/Apr. 15-30 Truly blue flowers that readily re-seed, frost tolerant
BACOPA BACOPA Satura cordata 3-24 in. 7.5-61 cm blue, white, pink part shade Low spreading annual, tiny flowers
wax begonia BEGONIA, WAX Begonia semperflorens 8/6 in. 20/15 cm red, pink, white shade Feb. 1-20/n/a Colourful clusters of flowers; green or bronze fleshy leaves and fibrous roots
Tuberous begonia BEGONIA, TUBEROUS Begonia tuberhybrida 14/12 in. 35/30 cm red, pink, yellow, white shade n/a Large showy double flowers; available as plant only
BACOPA LOTUS VINE Lotus maculata 24-30 in. 60-75 cm yellow sun n/a Trailing, silvery grey foliage, long, thin flowers, good for containers
BACOPA MOON VINE Ipomoea alba 10 ft. 3 m white sun Mar. 15-30 Large fragrant flowers that open at night; available as seedling only
BACOPA MORNING GLORY Ipomoea purpurea 10 ft. 3 m blue sun Mar. 15-30 Large trumpet-shaped flowers; great for screening
BACOPA ORANGE TRUMPET Pyrostegia venusta 10/20 ft. 305/610 cm orange sun n/a Creeper. Flowers from May to August
BACOPA PURPLE BELLS Rhodochiton atrosanguineus 3-5 ft. 1-1.5 m. purple sun or part shade Mar. 20-31 Good for hangers, planters; tubular flowers; available as seedling only
BACOPA PURPLE CLIMBER Cobaea scandens 12 ft. 4 m violet sun n/a Bell-shaped flowers with green sepals; great for hanging baskets
BACOPA SCARLET RUNNER BEAN Phaseolus coccineus 7 ft. 2 m. red sun n/a / May 25 Vine has red, flower clusters, edible beans; seeds can be planted directly outdoors
SPANISH FLAG Mina lobata 5-6ft. 1.5-2m. red, orange, yellow sun April 1 Twining climber; 3 flower colors same time
SWEET PEA Lathyrus odoratus 10 ft. 3 m. pink, white, blue, red, cream, purple sun or part shade n/a / April 20 Old-fashioned favorite with fragrant flowers; seeds can be planted directly outdoors
SWEET POTATO VINE Ipomoea batatus 2-3 ft. 60-75 cm. purple foliage sun to part shade n/a Used primarily for hanging baskets and ground cover, grown for colourful foliage

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