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We have a large variety of Bonsai plants and tools available

Learn Tips for Growing Bonsai

We have a large variety of Christmas Decor:

We have a large variety of Department 56 Christmas Decor:

Keep your green thumb green all year long

Tips for growing Growing Indoors

We have a large variety Amaryllis Christmas Bulbs now in:

Unique Carnivorous Plants

Get a Little More Exotic with Air Plants

Low Maintenance Succulents

All the tools to help you on your Bonsai Zen path

Want to learn more about growing Bonsai?

Extensive Selection of Christmas Tree Decorations

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Christmas Trees

and Greenery

When you choose a fresh-cut tree from us, we'll give it a fresh cut and then wrap it up securely. This not only ensures the tree's freshness but also makes transportation a breeze. Our goal is to bring the beauty of a real Christmas tree into your home without the hassle.

Just pick your tree, and we'll take care of the rest.

  Live Christmas trees and Greenery at greengate
  Live Christmas trees and Greenery at greengate


Poinsettias Await!

Warmth Guaranteed!

This holiday season, add a burst of color to your festivities with our vibrant poinsettias! Beyond classic red, we offer a spectrum of hues to suit every style. Remember, these beauties don't like the cold, so warm up the car before bringing home the magic. Embrace the warmth of the season with stunning poinsettias from greengate Garden Centres!

It's the World's Most Famous BBQ and Supply Liquidation Sale, just in time for the Holidays.

Unbeatable blowout pricing on selected Traeger, Finex , Combekk, Delivita, Whitloft, Beefer, Jack and Lucy, Tuffy Stone, Hard Core Carnivore, Grillbadger, Route 83, Franklin, House of Q, Maverick, Rover and more!

BBQers know it's always BBQ season, so we're cooking up a pile of tasty deals for ya.

 Traeger Outdoor BBQ Grill Sale at greengate

In support of the
Calgary Homeless Foundation

Every Christmas, greengate Garden Centres brings our community together to help support the Calgary Homeless Foundation. The holiday season is especially difficult for those without a place to call home.

Therefore, in the spirit of the season, we encourage everyone to help the CHF and its partner agencies by purchasing specially selected Christmas Tree ornaments for just $5 each or 3 for $12.

Every penny from the sale of these items will go to assist the most vulnerable members of our community.

*While supplies last

indoor Amaryllis bulbs flowers

Planting date

Oct. 15
Nov. 1
Nov. 15
Dec. 1
Dec. 15
Jan. 1
Jan. 15
Feb. 1
Feb. 15

Blooming date

Nov. 19 - Dec.10
Dec. 6 - 27
Dec. 20 - Jan. 10
Jan. 6 - 28
Jan. 19 - Feb. 9
Feb. 6 - 26
feb. 19 - Mar. 12
Mar. 8 - 29
Apr. 5 - 26

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