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Summer bulbs

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Bulbs that bloom in summer, rather than spring, are usually not as winter hardy and cannot survive the winter outdoors on the Prairies. This group includes Dahlias, Gladioli, Begonias, some lilies and numerous small bulbs. There are also some that are winter hardy but do better when planted in the spring. They are often started in pots indoors, in March or April, and planted outdoors after the last spring frost. In the fall, they are dug up, cleaned and allowed to dry, dusted with Bulb Dust and stored in a cardboard box or paper bag (not plastic) containing vermiculite, sawdust, peat moss, etc. in a cold but frost-free place until the next spring. The inexpensive smaller bulbs can be treated the same way, but are usually replaced each year, as their size makes them difficult to find to dig up, and the cost is minimal.