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In this section you can learn about Calgary gardening.


At greengate, we are all about helping yuo acheve success with your gardening and yard projects. Ourstaff are experts in all areas of growing, plant care, plant diseases and much more, and we are happy to share that knowledge with you.



New at greengate, is our weekly summer greengate Gardensense gardening presentations in our greenhouse. Join our experts for tips and in depth gardening information. Visit our "greengate events" page for a listing of event dates and topics.



We have video's and photos with gardening do's and dont's. If you have a question email us at: and you know we'll do our best to help.


If you find something interesting or something Calgary gardeners would be interested in, send us a picture and we'll post here on our site with our take on the issue.


You can view our interactive Gardensense gardening guide online here!!
You will find lot's of great gardening information and tons of great photos to help your green journey.


You can download our greengate Gardensense book here. (It is a large download so please be patient)