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gardener’s secrets - vegetables
Placement & Planting Tips
Plant your garden in a sunny area. The more sun the better.
Add Zeolite, for clay breakdown and aeration, and compost for nutrition to enrich soil.
Cold crops such as, lettuce and spinach can be planted as soon as the garden is workable, but it is recommended that you wait until June 1, or all risk of frost has passed.
Tomatoes and peppers can be started inside in February or March. Gardeners might want to try the Jiffy Professional Greenhouse.
Seeds can be planted as soon as the ground can be worked. McKenzie Seeds are always a quality option.
Watering Tips
Moist soil is very important. Slow, deep watering first thing in the morning will reduce evaporation and the risk of mildew that is present with evening watering.
Maintenance Tips
Thin crops for better yield.
Mulch to reduce weeds and retain water. Beats Peat is an excellent option, it absorbs and holds more water than peat moss and is produced from coconut husks, which are a much more renewable resource than the harvest of the peat bogs, making it a more environmentally friendly approach.
Increase yield of tomato plants by removing suckers.
gardener’s secrets - tomatoes
Start tomatoes inside and February or March. Gardeners might want to try the Jiffy Tomato Greenhouse.
Remove peat pots since they do not degrade well with Calgary’s short, dry summers.
Containers are best for growing tomatoes. This is due to our cold soil conditions.
Bone meal adds additional calcium that will help to prevent blossom end rot. GroundsKeeper’s Pride Bone Meal is a great choice.
Feeding Tips:
Feed tomatoes a high calcium fertilizer, such as Nurseryland Tomato Food 5-10-5 plus Calcium, and water consistently to prevent Blossom End Rot.
Feed tomato plants Evolve Organic Tomato Plant Fertilizer with calcium to increase organic fruit production.
Suckers on tomato plants refer to the new growth in the joint between two stems. Remove them for a greater yield.
Stake or cage vine tomatoes for added support.

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