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container gardening
Anything that will grow in the ground can
be planted in a container, and almost any container can be used for planting. Because of this, the variations and uses for this popular form of gardening are endless.
Apartment balconies, condominiums and houses with small yards can all make good use of the space saving convenience and summer colour of container gardening. Many larger yards have paved or drab areas that would benefit from greenery or flowering plants. Every yard is different; every gardener has his or her own idea of the perfect yard. Experimenting with planting in containers can be very rewarding for every level of gardener.
Remember, no plants are likely to survive the winter in Calgary in containers. If you are not sure, ask, we will be happy to help.
Calgary Horticultural Society member garden
Almost any container with adequate drainage can be used for container gardening. Drainage holes are very important to ensure that the plant roots do not sit in water and rot. Most containers come with drainage holes; those that do not should be modified to include them if possible. Large pots and containers without proper drainage would benefit greatly from a layer of course gravel as the bottom layer of the growing medium. Raising the container off the ground can further increase drainage. Wooden blocks, a drip tray, or some other means of allowing better air and water circulation can be added under most containers.
Ensure that the plant size and pot size are compatible. Plants that will become large need containers large enough to allow free root growth and ensure that the plant does not become root bound.
gardener’s secrets - container gardening
Water and fertilize containers generously, more so during hot/dry periods.
Fertilize using a controlled release fertilizer like Nurseryland Container Food 16-10-10.
Apply a general slow-release fertilizer to containers; applied as a surface dressing in spring it should last plants in containers the whole growing season.

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