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Succulent is a general name for any plant that stores water to aid in its survival in its leaves, stem or roots. Most succulents where forced to adapt to harsh dry conditions by storing water to survive prolonged periods of drought. There is a large variety of succulents in several styles and a vast array of colours. Surprisingly, they are a colourful and attractive addition to any garden.
Grow succulents indoors for year-round colour and unique accents. Succulents recommended for growing indoors include aloe, Christmas Cactus, Sedum, Jade Plant, Echeveria, Mother-in-law’s Tongue, and Spiderwort, among many others. They will provide excellent colour and attractive foliage throughout the year. Most succulents that are grown indoors can survive and even thrive outdoors in warm summer weather. If you wish to display these delicate succulents outdoors be sure to bring them inside when the weather becomes cold.
Little do Calgary gardeners know that there are outdoor cacti species that are suitable for Calgary conditions. Examples of these are Opuntia fragilis and Opuntia poryapantha, which are cacti native to Alberta, as well as two other cold-hardy Canadian species, Escobaria viviparia and Opuntia humifusa. Succulents that are hardy in our Alberta climate love sunny and dry weather. Find a spot in your garden that gets the most sun, and heat, and start there. Since most succulents will benefit from these conditions, and these plants should thrive with little attention. As you become more comfortable with, and knowledgeable about succulents you can vary the types of spots in which you plant.
So, whether you are looking year-round indoor colour, or unique outdoor features, consider succulents. Consult our knowledgeable greengate Garden Centres staff, or boldly strike out on your own, to get your succulent adventure started.

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