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perennial of the year
Calgary Horticultrual Soicety
2017 Perennial Plant of the Year
Persicaria polymorpha
(syn.P.x. fennica P.polymorphum) Giant Fleece Flower
Family: Polygonaceae
Zone: 3
Exposure: Full sun or part shade Height: 150-200 cm
Spread: 100-150 cm
Giant fleece flower is a spectacular, easy-care and long-blooming perennial. Masses of frothy white flowers cover the vase-shaped plant from June until August, fading to pinky beige in autumn.
Leave standing to provide winter interest, then cut stems back in early spring. Attractive to butterflies and birds, but not deer and rabbits. Giant fleece flower is a great plant for the back of the boarder, screening, waterside plantings and as a specimen plant.
gardener’s secrets - perennials
Placement & Planting Tips
Space correctly, do not over crowed plants – check plant labels or Gardensense charts for correct spacing. Plant in a sunny area for sun and a shady area for shade.
Prepare soil properly, adding Zeolite, for clay breakdown and aeration, and compost for nutrition.
Remove peat pots since they do not degrade well with Calgary’s short, dry summers.
Watering Tips
Water regularly until established, 2-3 years. Once established perennial plants should be able to sustain themselves.
Feeding Tips
Stop using fertilizer around August 1 to prepare the plants for their winter dormancy.
Slow-release fertilizer with a 3-4 month release rate is recommended. Plant-Prod Plant Food Controlled Release 15-17-15 is a excellent option. When applied applied in May, it should last the entire growing season.
Maintenance Tips
Top-dress a minimum 7-10mm of topdressing, use Sea Soil in the fall. Topdressing will enhance soil quality and help to conserve water.

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