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Name Botanical Name
Calgary Horticultural Society member garden
Height/Spread Zone
If flower pollination occurs red seed pods are produced
CLEMATIS Clematis varieties
Many varieties of brightly coloured flowers; prune according to pruning group
ENGLEMAN IVY Parthenocissus quinquefolia ‘Englemanii’ 20/3 ft. 6/1 m sun to part shade
Clings to rough surfaces; white flowers followed by colourful red foliage
GRAPE Vitus varieties
Several varieties of hardy grapes; good for juice or jellies
HONEYSUCKLE Lonicera x varieties
Sweetly fragrant, woody vine with small tubular flowers
HOPS Humulus lupulus
Fast growing with small green flower buds
VIRGINIA CREEPER Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Five part leaves, climbs a trellis; small white flowers are followed by attractive red fall foliage
Sun or Shade
Flower Colour Blooms
white 4
various 3
white 3
perennial vines
7/3 ft. 2/1 m
sun to part shade
10/3 ft. 3/1 m sun to part shade
7/3 ft. 2/1 m
sun to part shade
white 4
orange, red 2
green 2
white 3
10-20/3-6 ft. 3-6/1-2 m sun to part shade
7/7 ft. 2/2 m
sun to part shade
20/3 ft. 6/1 m sun to part shade

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