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Name Comments
Botanical Name Sun or Shade
Thymus hybrids
Height/Spread Zone
1-6/12 in. 2-15/30 cm
Flower Colour Blooms
Varieties of low growing plants with various colours of scented foliage, pink or white flowers; good ground cover
TICKSEED Coreopsis verticillata 12-30/12 in. 30-75/30 cm sun 4
Bright daisy-like flowers in many varieties; good cut flower
VINCA/PERIWINKLE Vinca minor 6/18 in. 15/45 cm part shade 4
June to July
May to Sept.
Low growing evergreen plant, glossy green or variegated leaves; needs winter protection; good ground cover
VIOLA Viola hybrids 4-8/12 in. 10-20/30 cm part sun or shade 4
Perennial pansies; varieties of sun & shade tolerant plants; needs winter protection
WALLCRESS Arabis hybrids 8/24 in. 20/60 cm sun 3
Cascading spring flowering plant; forms a dense ground-cover
WINTERGREEN Gaultheria procumbens 6/12 in. 15/30 cm part shade 4
Fragrant leaves with pink flowers, edible red berries; good ground cover, moist
various May to Sept.
red, pink May to June
July to Aug.
YARROW Achillea hybrids 8-48/12-24 in. 20-120/30-60 cm sun 2
June to Sept. Many varieties with ferny leaves and clusters of small delicate flowers; good for cutting or drying
YUCCA/SOAPWEED Yucca glauca 24/18 in. 60/45 cm white sun 3 July
Succulent plant with stiff, narrow, grassy leaves; drought tolerant
gold, yellow June to Sept.
blue, violet, white
Calgary Horticultural Society member garden

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