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tip: Mulching around your plants will help to control weeds, and also help to keep perennial roots cool and moist.
Botanical Name Sun or Shade
Polygonatum odoratum
Name Comments
Height/Spread Zone
24/12 in. 60/30 cm 3
10-24/12-18 in. 2-60/30-45 cm
Flower Colour Blooms
May to June
Delicate bell flowers on slender stems, moist
SPEEDWELL Veronica hybrids sun or shade
Many varieties of tall or low growing plants with spiked flowers; some good for ground cover
SPIDERWORT Tradescantia andersoniana sun or shade
Triangular flowers on grassy foliage, moist
CUSHION SPURGE Euphorbia polychroma sun
24/24 in. 60/60 cm 3
18/18 in. 45/45 cm
various June to Aug.
May to June
July to Aug.
lavender June to Aug.
white, pink
3 Foliage forms a dome covered in yellow flowers; drought tolerant
STATICE-GERMAN Goniolimon tataricum 16/12 in. 40/30 cm sun 3
Prickly white, globe-shaped flowers, good for cutting or drying, drought tolerant
STATICE-SEA LAVENDER Limonium latifolium 30/24 in. 75/60 cm sun 2
Dainty blue flowers, good for cutting or drying, drought tolerant
STRAWBERRY Fragaria bybrids 10/12 in. 25/30 cm sun or shade 2
May to Aug. White or pink flowering plants, trailing growth habit; good ground cover or hanging basket, edible fruit
SUNFLOWER - FALSE Heliopsis helianthoides sun
Tall plant with large daisy-like flowers, moist
SWEET PEA-PERENNIAL Lathyrus latifolius sun
Vigorously flowering, climbing vine; good for cutting
SWEET ROCKET Hesperis matronalis sun or shade
Fragrant flowers on long stems
SWEET WILLIAM Dianthus barbatus sun
Biennial plant with fragrant flowers; good for cutting
SWEET WOODRUFF Galium odoratum part shade
4/2 ft. 120/60 cm 4
8/1 ft. 240/30 cm 3
36/12 in. 90/30 cm 2
24/12 in. 60/30 cm 2
4-8/24 in. 10-20/60 cm
Aug. to Sept.
various June to Sept.
purple, white June to July
pink, red, white June to Aug.
May to July
Speading plant with clusters of fragrant, starry white flowers; good ground cover, moist
June to Aug.

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