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Vigourous grower with variegated foliage and spreading growth habit; good ground cover, invasive
SOAPWORT Saponaria ocymoides 8/18 in. 20/45 cm pink
sun 2 May to June
Vigorous trailing plant; good for cascade in rock gardens
Name Comments
Botanical Name Sun or Shade
Eryngium hybrids
Height/Spread Zone
24/12 in. 60/30 cm 2
Flower Colour Blooms
June to Aug.
Aug. to Sept. drought tolerant
June to Sept.
May to June
pink June-Aug.
silver foliage n/a
silver foliage n/a
silver foliage n/a
May to June
May to June
green/white July to Aug.
Prickly, metallic blue flowers; good for cutting; drought tolerant
STONECROP/SEDUM Sedum hybrids 6-24/18-24 in. 15-60/45-60 cm sun 3
Many varieties of spreading, flowering succulents; some for ground cover, others taller;
SHASTA DAISY Leucanthemum maximum 24/18 in. 60/45 cm sun to shade 4
White daisies with yellow eyes; good cut flowers, vigorous grower
SHOOTING STAR Dodecatheon meadia 12/6 in. 30/15 cm part shade 2
Delicate, cyclamen-shaped flowers from flat rosettes of leaves
SILENE-MOSS CAMPIONSilene acaulis sun
Very low ground cover for well drained soil, tiny flowers
SILVER BROCADE Artemisia stelleriana sun
1/12 in. 2.5/30 cm 2
12/30 in. 30/75 cm
Low growing silver leaves, excellent for edging or as ground cover
SILVER KING Artemisia ludoviciana sun
Aromatic silver foliage, drought tolerant
SILVER MOUND Artemisia schmidtiana sun
Fine silver feathery foliage forms a compact mound
SNOWDROP Anemone sylvestris sun or shade
Spreading ground cover with large flowers
SNOW IN SUMMER Cerastium tomentosum sun
36/30 in. 90/75 cm 2
12/18 in. 30/45 cm 1
18/24 in. 45/60 cm 2
12/24 in. 30/60 cm
Delicate flowers with gray foliage; spreading growth habit; good ground cover
SNOW ON THE MOUNTAIN Aegopodium podagraria ‘Variegatum’ 12/24 in 30/60 cm shade 1

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