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Name Comments
Botanical Name Sun or Shade
Papaver hybrids
Height/Spread Zone
8-40 /4-24 in. 20-100/8-60 cm 3
4-12/12 in. 10-30/30 cm 3
6-24/8-12 in. 15-60/20-30 cm
Flower Colour Blooms
various May to Aug.
various May to Sept.
various April to May
May to June
May to Sept.
pink, purple, red May to June
various June to Sept.
pink, white July
orange, yellow July to Sept.
sun to shade
Large variety of types, sizes and colours; many uses
POTENTILLA Potentilla hybrids sun
Long blooming rose-shaped flowers, good in rockeries
PRIMULA Primula species part shade
Many varieties, colours and shapes of flowers for spring color in shady areas, moist
PUSSY TOES Antennaria dioica sun
Forms dense, drought tolerant carpet of silvery foliage
RHUBARB Rheum rhaponticum sun
6/12 in. 15/30 cm 1
3/3 ft. 1/1 m
Hardy perennial vegetable with large leaves; edible stalks used as a fruit
ROCKCRESS Aubrieta hybrids 6/24 in. 15/60 cm 4
Cascading grey-green foliage; good for sunny rock gardens and embankments
ROCK ROSE Helianthemum nummularium 4-12/10-24 in. 30/60 cm sun 4
Small rose-like flowers, available in both single and double varieties
RODGERSIA Rodgersia pinnata 4/3 ft. 120/90 cm part shade 4
Large bronzy-purple leaves with wispy flower plumes, grown mostly for foliage, moist
RUDBECKIA Rudbeckia x hybrids 3-6/1.5-3 ft. 90-200/45-90 cm sun 2
Many varieties of large, daisy-like plants with brown or black centers; good cut flower
RUSSIAN SAGE Perovskia atriplicifolia 4/2 ft. 120/60 cm sun 4
July to Sept.
Tall spikes of blue flowers with grey-green foliage; adds fall color and texture to a garden, drought tolerant
SALVIA Salvia nemorosa hybrids 24/24 in. 60/60 cm sun 3
Many varieties with colorful spikes of flowers and scented gray/green foliage
indigo, violet May to July
SAXIFRAGE Saxifraga hybrids 6-24/8-12 in. 15-60/20-30 cm sun 3
May to June Several varieties of low growing alpine plants with starry flowers; good for rock gardens

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