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Name Botanical Name
Height/Spread Zone
48/24 in. 120/60 cm 3
6/12 in. 15/30 cm
Flower Colour Blooms
red, yellow July to Aug.
pink, red
Sun or Shade
HELENIUM/SNEEZEWEED Helenium autumnale sun
Bright daisy-like flowers; good for cutting
HENS AND CHICKS Sempervivum x hybrids sun or part shade
Succulent gray, blue, green, or purple evergreen leaves; stalks often have star shaped flowers
HOLLYHOCK Alcea rosea 5-7/1 ft. 1.2-2/.25 m various sun 2 July to Aug.
Available in double and single varieties; biennial, blooms second season
HOSTA Hosta hybrids 8-24/12-24 in. 20-60/30-60 cm mauve, white semi-sun to shade 3 June to Aug.
Many varieties, lily-like flowers, varying foliage, very attractive in shady areas, moist/well drained
IRIS Iris species 8-48/12-24 in. 20-120/30-60 cm various
sun 2 May to June
Many varieties, compact clumps of stems with narrow leaves; good cut flower, moist/well drained
JACOB’S LADDER Polemonium caeruleum 18-36/12 in. 45-90/30 cm sun to shade 2
Leaves form ladder-like pattern, green or variegated, delicate bell flowers
JAPANESE SPURGE Pachysandra terminalis 8/12 in. 20/30 cm shade 3
blue/white May to July
May Evergreen foliage with small white flowers; tolerates shade; protect roots over winter, moist
JOE PYE WEED Eupatorium purpureum sun to shade
Large late blooming plant; attracts butterflies, moist
KINNIKINNICK/BEARBERRY Arctostaphylos uva-ursi sun to shade
Native evergreen ground cover; acid loving plant
LADY’S MANTLE Alchemilla mollis sun or shade
7/3 ft. 2/1 m 4
6/6 in. 15/15 cm 2
12/24 in. 30/60 cm
Aug. to Sept.
May to June
green, yellow
Silver-green scalloped leaves form compact plant, with sprays of flowers; good cut flower
LAMB’S EAR Stachys byzantina 12-18/12 in. 30-45/30 cm sun to shade 3
Spreading mat of silver leaves; drought tolerant; good ground cover
LAMIUM-DEAD NETTLE Lamium maculatum 6-1212/12 in. 15-30/30 cm part shade 2
Leaves variegated with silver and white; good ground cover
pink June
pink, white May to Sept.
June to Aug.
June to July

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