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tip: In early May, start dividing crowded clumps of perennials before they make a lot of new growth.
Name Comments
Botanical Name Sun or Shade
Aquilegia x hybrida
Height/Spread Zone
6/24 in. 90/60 cm
Flower Colour Blooms
various May to June
purple, white July to Sept.
Small, white, pink or red May to July
pink-purple June to Aug.
sun to part shade
Many flowers on long stems, available in several varieties and colours
CONEFLOWER Echinacea purpurea 48/24 in. 120/60 cm sun 3
Long-lasting, daisy-like, drooping flowers with a central cone
CORAL BELLS Heuchera hybrids 24/12 in. 60/30 cm sun or part shade 3
Dainty flowers on tall stems, colourful leaves, moist/well-drained
CORNFLOWER-PERSIAN Centaurea dealbata 30/24 in. 75/60 cm sun 3
Shrub-like perennial with thistle-like flowers; good cut flower
CREEPING CHARLIE Glechoma hederacea 4/36 in. 10/90 cm sun or shade 1
n/a Fast growing, invasive ground cover grown for its foliage; also available with variegated leaves
CREEPING JENNY Lysimachia nummularia 4/18 in. 10/45 cm sun to shade 2
Long stems form fast growing ground cover or hanging plant
CUPID’S DART Catananche caerulea 24/12 in. 60/30 cm sun 3
Drought resistant plant with gray-green foliage, papery flower, good cut or dried
CUSHION SPURGE Euphorbia polychroma 18/18 in. 45/45 cm sun 3
Foliage forms a dome covered in yellow flowers; drought tolerant
DAYLILY Hemerocallis x hybrida 16-36/12-24 in. 40-90/30-60 cm sun to shade 2
gold, yellow May to Aug.
lavender July to Aug.
May to June
July to Aug. Plants form sturdy clumps of grassy foliage; many flower colours and varieties available
DELPHINIUM Delphinium species 1-6/1 ft-30-180/60 cm sun 3
Colourful double flowered spikes in many colours and varieties; good cut flower
DIANTHUS Dianthus species 2-18/6 in. 5-45/15 cm sun 3
various June to Aug.
May to Aug. Grass-like clumps of foliage in many varieties; scented flowers good for cutting, some good for rockeries

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