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Name Comments
Botanical Name Sun or Shade
Platycodon grandiflorus
Height/Spread Zone
Flower Colour Blooms
purple, white June to Aug.
pink, yellow May to June
various May to July
pink, white June to July
pink, white June to Sept.
pink, white May to June
white September
white August
May to June
June -August
May to June
sun to shade
Buds and flowers have an inflated balloon-like appearance
BARRENWORT Epimedium hybrids shade
Semi-evergreen foliage, bronze to green in colour
BELLFLOWER Campanula species sun or shade
Cup-shaped flowers on compact clumps; many varieties
BERGENIA-HEARTLEAF Bergenia cordifolia sun or shade
30/24 in. 75/60 cm 3
12/12 in. 30/30 cm 4
4-36/12 in. 10-90/30 cm 2
18/24 in. 45/60 cm
Clusters of flowers in the spring, large glossy leaves turn bronze in fall
BLEEDING HEART-FERNLEAF Dicentra eximia 12-18/12 in. 30-45/30 cm part shade 3
Compact mounds with fern-like foliage, heart-shaped, tidy flowers
BLEEDING HEART Dicentra spectabilis part shade
Drooping heart-shaped flowers, old-fashioned favourite
BUGBANE Actaeas simplex ‘White Pearl’ part shade
Large flowers on long stems; good cut flower, moist
36/24 in. 90/60 cm 2
4/2 ft. 120/60 cm 3
BUGBANE Actaeas racemosa ‘Atropurpurea’
Dark purple foliage, tall flower spikes, lacy leaves, red berries
BUNCHBERRY Cornus canadensis part shade
Native ground cover with glossy leaves
CAMPION ROSE Lychnis species sun
6 ft/1.8.m /2’/60 cm
4-6/ in. 10-15/ cm 2
4-30/12 in. 6-12/15-30 cm
3 Low rock garden or taller border types, add bright summer color
CANDY TUFT Iberis sempervirens sun to shade
Evergreen with delicate flowers; good ground cover
CLIFF GREEN Paxistima canbyi part shade
10/36 in. 25/90 cm 3
12/18 in. 30/45 cm
Shade tolerant, low evergreen, small, dark green leaves, good ground cover, moist

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