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AUBRETIA/ROCKCRESS Aubretia hybrids 6/24 in. 15/60 cm sun 4
Cascading grey-green foliage; good for rock gardens and embankments
BABY’SBREATH-CREEPING Gypsophilarepens 6/24in.15/60 sun to shade 2
Small delicate flowers in a low mat; good for edging or rock gardens
BACHELOR’S BUTTON Centaurea montana 24/24 in. 60/60 cm sun 2
Classic shaped blue flowers with grey-blue foliage
tip: Hand weeding is the best way to control weed seedlings in the perennial garden.
Name Comments
Botanical Name Sun or Shade
Ajuga reptans
Height/Spread Zone
8/18 in. 15/45 cm
Flower Colour Blooms
bluish purple May to June
bluish purple May to June
May to June
pink, red, white June to Aug.
pink, red May to July
pink, purple May to June
pink, purple, red Aug. to Sept.
various June to Aug.
pink, purple, red May to June
pink,white June to July
June to Aug.
sun to shade
Low ground cover with bronze coloured, round leaves, moist soil
AJUGA-GENEVA BUGLEWEED Ajuga genevensis 12/18 in. 20/45 cm sun to shade 2
Widely used ground cover, forming a mat of rounded leaves, moist soil
ALYSSUM-BASKET OF GOLD Alyssum montanum 8/24 in. 20/60 cm sun or part shade 3
Varying shades of cascading yellow flowers, with silver leaves
ARMERIA-LARGE THRIFT Armeria pseudarmeria 24/12 in. 60/30 cm sun 2
Tall border strain with various flower shades; good for cut or dried flowers
ARMERIA-THRIFT Armeria juniperifolia 6/12 in. 15/30 cm sun 3
Evergreen with grassy leaves, flowers fade into papery everlastings
ASTER-ALPINE Aster alpinus sun
Short plants displaying star-shaped, daisy-like flowers
ASTER-FALL Aster novae-angliae sun
Tall varieties that are good for cut flowers
ASTILBE-FALSE SPIREA Astilbe species part shade
12/12 in. 30/30 cm 2
48/36 in. 120/90 cm 3
10-36/30 in. 25-90/75 cm
3 Many varieties with varying foliage and flower colour, moist

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