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Nurseryland Brand Fertilizers Formulated by Garden Centre owners for professional results and manufactured in
Canada you can only find Nurseryland products at independent garden centres like greengate Garden Centres.
Nurseryland Power Bloom
Let’s give ‘em a show! Mix Power Bloom in your watering can every 10-14 days and stand back! Your hanging baskets, planters, and even indoor flowering plants will look as though they have more flowers than foliage! Use this fast- acting water soluble fertilizer with a huge kick of phosphorus and potassium and you might need a new pair of sunglasses to appreciate your plants!
Nurseryland Tomato Food
Use Nurseryland Tomato Food to help promote healthy plants and higher yields. Alongside an N-P-K specifically designed for professional tomato grower results, Calcium sets this fertilizer apart from the rest and will provide your tomatoes with the ideal nutrients to grow abundant and fully-formed fruit. This slow- release format means your plant will be getting a bite to eat every time you water! Use in tandem with Nurseryland’s Liquid Tomato Food format for bumper crops!
Nurseryland Transplanter
Perhaps the most versatile product in Nurseryland’s product list, Transplanter is concentrated kelp manna (like an energy drink for roots), designed to accelerate and promote rapid root production - a critical process any time a plant is moved or damaged. Not only is Transplanter effective at reducing transplant shock from seedling veggies and flowers to large shrubs and trees, but it’s also a great defense when you observe signs of stress on your existing plants. Mix in a watering can and slowly water into your plant’s root system once a week until noticeable evidence of growth occur.

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