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Name Comments
Botanical Name
Tagetes erecta
Height/Spread Sun or Shade,
12-36/12 in. 30-80/30 cm Apr. 1-15/May 15-30
6-18/6 in. 15-40/15 cm Mar. 10-20/May 15-25
6-8/6 in. 15-20/20 cm
Flower Colour In/Out Seed Date
orange, yellow
yellow, orange
gold, lemon yellow, tangerine
purple, lavender, white, pink
red, yellow, orange
red, yellow, orange
red, wine, rose, lavender, white
Tall plants with lacy leaves and large flowers
MARIGOLD, FRENCH Tagetes patula sun
Solid and bicolor flowers
MARIGOLD SIGNATA Tagetes knuifolia sun
Mar. 10-20/May 15-25 Lacy foliage with a citrus fragrance, grown as much for the foliage as the tiny flowers
MEXICAN HEATHER Cuphea hyssopifolia part shade
Long stems topped with dainty flower heads
MONKEY FLOWER Mimulus x hybridus shade
Bi-coloured flowers suitable for moist shaded area
NASTURTIUM Tropaeolum majus sun to part shade
24/18-36 in. 30/45-90 cm
10/6 in. 25/15 cm Mar. 10-20/May 15-20
10/10 in. 25/25 cm
Apr. 1-10/May 1-10
Dwarf plants with edible foliage and flowers; easy to grow from seed, do not fertilize
NEMESIA Nemesia strumosa 12/6 in. 30/15 cm sun to part shade Mar. 1-10/May 10-20
Flowers resemble miniature orchids, grow in a cool location
NICOTIANA Nicotiana alata 12-36/10 in. 30-90/25 cm sun to part shade Mar. 1-10/May 1-10
Fragrant, star-shaped flowers; also known as flowering tobacco
NIEREMBERGIA Nierembergia caerulea 4-8/12 in. 10-20/30 cm sun to part shade Mar. 15-30/June 1-15
white, dark purple Flower has a golden eye, plant forms a neat dense mat that is covered in flowers; frost tolerant
PANSY Viola x wittrockiana 6-8/6 in. 15-20/15 cm various shade Feb. 1-10/n/a
Hardy and frost tolerant, these short plants grow best in shaded, moist areas, cool season bloomers
PETUNIA Petunia x hybrida 16/8 in. 40/20 cm sun to part shade Feb. 15-20/ n/a
Double or single annual flowers; spreading or cascading growth, tolerates light frost
PHLOX Phlox drummondii 6-8/6 in. 15-20/15 cm sun to part shade Mar. 1-10/May 1-10
A compact plant with a long lasting bloom period, good cut flower

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