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Name Comments
Botanical Name
Cleome hasslerana
Height/Spread Sun or Shade,
36/12 in. 90/30 cm
Flower Colour In/Out Seed Date
pink, purple, white
varied, red/yellow
pink, white, lavender, yellow/red, chocolate
Clusters of flowers with a spidery appearance, tall stems, heat tolerant
COLEUS Coleus x hybridus 12/10 in. 30/25 cm part shade to shade Mar. 1-15/n/a
Grown for colourful foliage; a combination of multi-colored leaves
COSMOS Cosmos bipinnatus 10-36/24 in. 25-90/60 cm sun Apr. 1-10/May 10-20
This plant has feathery foliage with daisy-like flowers, needs staking
DAHLBERG DAISY Thymophylla tenuiloba 4-8/6 in. 10-20/ cm full sun n/a
Low-growing daisy with ferny foliage, can reseed, good for edging
DAHLIA Dahlia pinnata 12-24/10 in. 30-60/25 cm sun Mar. 10-20/May 10-20
various This late summer bloomer adds color to a garden in late summer and early fall, good cut flower
DATURA Datura spp. 4/2 ft. 1/.5 m
sun Mar. 10-20/May 1-10
An exotic plant, with large trumpet flowers. All plant parts poisonous
DIANTHUS/CHINA PINK Dianthus chinensis 12/8 in. 30/20 cm sun to part shade Mar. 1-10/May 1-10
Fringed flowers, similar to carnations; fragrant and frost tolerant
DRACAENA Dracaena indivisa 36/24 in. 90/60 cm sun to part shade n/a
white, yellow, mauve
red, pink, white
green foliage Grown for its foliage and rosettes of sword shaped leaves; frost tolerant, available as plant only
DUSTY MILLER Senecio cineraria 8-16 /8 in. 20-40/20 cm sun Feb. 1-10/n/a
Grown for its white foliage, this plant has hairy, divided leaves; drought and frost tolerant
FOUR O’CLOCK Mirabilis jalapa 30/20 in. 75/50 cm sun n/a/June 1-15
Trumpet-like flowers open in late afternoon and stay open all night
FUCHSIA Fuchsia hybrida 2 ft. 60 cm part shade to shade Mar. 1-10
Woody shrub with bi-coloured, drooping flowers. Great for hanging baskets
GAILLARDIA Guillardia pulchella 18-36/12in.46-90/30cm sun Mar. 24/n/a
Brilliant daisy like flowers
silver foliage
Available as seed only red, purple, pink, white
Mar. 1-10/May 1-10

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