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Name Comments
Botanical Name
Height/Spread Sun or Shade,
1/6 ft. 30/183 cm Mar. 1-15/Apr. 20-30
24/12 in. 60/30 cm
Flower Colour In/Out Seed Date
blue, lavender, violet, purple, white
green, white
yellow, white
purple, yellow, blue, white
white, violet
yellow, orange
pink, purple
sun to part shade Beautifully shaped flower heads
BELLS OF IRELAND Moluccella laevis sun
Mar. 1-15/Apr. 20-30 Tiny white flowers in green bells; with squared stems, and toothed leaves
BIDENS Compositae sun
Blooms late summer
BRACHYCOME/SWAN RIVER DAISY Brachycome iberidifolia sun to part shade
3/5 ft. 91/152 cm Feb. 15/n/a
10/10 in. 25/25 cm
Mar. 15-30/May 15-30 Gold-eyed daisy-like flowers with fern-like foliage; good plant for containers
BROWALLIA Browallia speciosa major shade
Trumpet-shaped blossoms; likes shelter and shade
CALENDULA Calendula officinalis sun
Similar to true marigolds; cool location, will self-seed
CANDYTUFT, GLOBE Iberis umbellata sun
12/12 in. 30/30 cm Feb. 20-28/May 1-15
12/8 in. 30/20 cm Mar. 20-30/May 1-15
12/12 in. 30/30 cm.
Mar. 1-10/May 1-15 Compact plant with umbrella-shaped flower clusters; available as seed only
CARNATION Dianthus caryophyllus sun
Strong stemmed, with fragrant flowers; frost tolerant
CELOSIA Celosia spp. sun
12/8 in. 30/20 cm Mar. 1-10/May 1-15
various Feathery, plumed, or crested, comb-like large flowers, heat and drought tolerant, good for cutting
Over 160 species
Chrysanthemum 12/24 in. 30/61 cm sun Mar. 1-10/May 15-20
tip: In hot weather, plants in pots may need watering more than once a day. Sometimes when it does rain, many pots in sheltered spots, window boxes and hanging baskets in particular, may not receive enough water to keep them healthy.
12/6 in. 30/15 cm
Mar. 10-20/May 1-15

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