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Name Comments
Botanical Name
Height/Spread Sun or Shade,
12/18 in. 30/45 cm
6/10 in. 15/25 cm
Flower Colour In/Out Seed Date
mauve, blue, red, white
sun Some hairy, smooth, or trailing leaves
AGERATUM Ageratum houstonianum sun to part shade
Feb. 20-28/May 1-15 Compact plant with wispy flower clusters, remove spent flowers
ALYSSUM, SWEET Lobularia maritima 8/10 in. 20/25 cm sun to part shade Mar. 15-30/May 1-10
purple, white, lavender, rose Compact plant with dainty flowers; good edging plant, very fragrant; blooms from spring to frost
AMARANTHUS Amaranthus caudatus sun
Drooping red tassel flowers; dramatic accent plant
ASTER, CHINA Callistephus chinensis sun
Blooms late in the summer with daisy and pompom flower
BABY’S BREATH Gysophila elegans sun
Plentiful clusters of delicate flowers, good for drying
BACHELOR’S BUTTON Centaurea cyanus sun
Truly blue flowers that readily re-seed, frost tolerant
BACOPA Satura cordata part shade
Low spreading annual, tiny flowers
BEGONIA, WAX Begonia semperflorens shade
24/18 in. 60/45 cm Feb. 20-28/n/a
6-24/8 in. 15-60/20 cm Mar. 15-30/May 1-10 forms, good cutting flower
8-24/12 in. 20-60/30 cm Mar. 15-30/May 1-10
18/10 in. 45/25 cm Feb. 15-30/Apr. 15-30
3-24 in. 7.5-61 cm
8/6 in. 20/15 cm
white, blue, red, purple, pink
white, pink
blue, pink
blue, white, pink
red, pink, white
red, pink, yellow, white
Feb. 1-20/n/a Colourful clusters of flowers; green or bronze fleshy leaves and fibrous roots
BEGONIA, TUBEROUS Begonia tuberhybrida 14/12 in. 35/30 cm shade n/a
Large showy double flowers; available as plant only
tip: In May, thin hardy annuals and vegetables planted in the open ground before they become crowded and compete with each other for light and nutrients.

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