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Any plant that grows, flowers, produces seeds and dies over the course of one year is considered an annual.
Annuals are an excellent way to ensure colour in your yard all summer long. They are used for borders, in beds, and to fill open spaces between immature shrubs and trees. They overflow hanging baskets and window boxes, as well as creep up walls or trellises. The variety of uses and colour combinations is endless.
Annuals are available in both seed and seedling form. Seeds are either sown indoors or outdoors. This will depend on the growth requirements of the individual plants. Annual seeds that require a longer period of growth should be started indoors. These plants are identified in the chart portion of the Annual section.
In many cases, with Calgary’s short growing season, annuals should be planted in seedling form after the last chance of frost. These seedlings can either be grown from seeds indoors or purchased in seedling form.
Note: When choosing a spot to plant, consider the annual’s growth habit. Tall plants may be best positioned at the backs of beds where they will not block the view of smaller plants.
Hanging annual baskets
These are annuals that hang down rather than grow upwards, so they look attractive overhead or at head height, hanging from railings, eaves of houses, gazebos, etc. Different varieties of the same plants, such as begonias and petunias, will grow upwards.
Annual vines
These fast growing annuals are ideal for several garden uses. Grow up a trellis or a fence to provide a lush garden background or to camouflage an unattractive spot in your yard. When left unsupported, annual vines have a wandering growth habit and are quite effective as a ground cover or a trailing border for beds.
See Seeds and Seedlings (pg. 27) for information on planting and maintenance.

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